Now’s the time to purchase a Whitebox Bundle!

Have you picked a Whitebox Bundle from the TTCombat store? Nows your last chance!

We’ve nearly reached that time of year again were we have to say goodbye to the 2021/2022 Whitebox Bundles. But good news everyone! you still have a few more days to pickup these amazing sets.

Sadly we will be saying goodbye to the San Geremia Plaza and Ruined Aquila Sector, along with the rest of the bundles forever. Yep once they’re gone they will not be coming back.

White Box Bundles will go off sale from end of day Monday 31st January.

We have bundles for Carnevale, Fantasy, Dropzone, Historical gaming and more! These sets provide a great chance to fill out a tabletop with high quality MDF scenery so why wait?

These amazing deals are about to end so if you thinking of a gift for yourself, friend or loved one then make sure you head to the TTCombat store before Monday to secure your Whitebox Bundle!

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