Teaser Tuesday – Carnevale & Wild West!

On this weeks Teaser Tuesday we are going to be covering some Carnevale and Wild West products coming soon!

Welcome to the Streets and Canals of Carnevale were life is a party! Please try to avoid the Vampires, Doctors. Fish people, Corrupt Clergymen and Thieves. Carnevale is expanding with some new additions arriving soon and if your a fan of the TTCombat calender these might not be a surprise.

The Flame That Burns Underwater:

Surprise! The Flame That Burns Underwater (known as Flame for this article) is going to be available for our Carnevale fans soon. How soon? well we aren’t able to reveal that because we aren’t quite ready for release just yet. But we just had to tease all you lovely folks some more! Flame is looking fantastic since merging with her trusted mount and will be shortly be ready for all Rashaar players. If you want to familiarise yourselves with her stats, they are now available on the Carnevale Gangbuilder.


Ah yes, the Patricians have found yet another way to keep their hands clean. When a sickly Strigoi appears from the shadows of Venice, The Night Watch are prepared. This new group is going to be consisting of two Sentries, a Marksman, Seven Year Veteran and the fearless Venetian Heavy Guard. We are hoping to add The Night Watch stats to the gangbuilder before release.

Now onto some new MDF from our Wild West range.

Dressing Ranch Lodge:

Our Wild West line of products has been expanded with the new Dressing Ranch (DR) range and whilst some of the products are available now, we want to show off what’s to come. The DR Lodge is a great bit of MDF to add to a Western themed gaming table! The raised Lodge roof can be removed from the building which even has a small escape hatch cut into the base. Also the Lodge is kitted out with the latest innovation in Western hygiene, an outhouse! That’s right, no more digging a whole and squatting in the wood because now your living the sitting life.

Dressing Ranch Manor:

Wild West high society at its finest! The DR Manor provides a level of splendour to your tabletop set up. With a huge central chimney and two onlooking balconies, this Manor is a massive upgrade from the commoners home.  Thankfully our savvy designer has made the roof easy to remove which will allow for interior game play for 32mm miniatures.

That’s it for teasers this week, be sure to check back on Friday to see the full release. In the meantime head over to the TTCombat webstore to access our full range of Resin and MDF.




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