Yee-Haw Its New Release Friday!

Back to regular releases, read more to find out a little about what’s new in the store this week.

Howdy y’all, we’re on the ranch this week with our first MDF release of 2022. Wild West Scenics has been scheduled for a revamp and what better way to start off the new year than with a cliche “new year, new me” for the range.

Dressing’s Ranch is going to give you all that you need to create a wild west homestead board. I’m here to talk you through the first wave of releases.

Dressing’s Ranch Cattle Barn

The cattle barn set comes complete with a multi-level barn – with playable interior, windmill, chicken coop, small storage silo and corral. As you can see the taller structures have multiple playable levels for exciting shoot-outs, as well as smaller scatter for a bit of needed cover.

The Cattle Barn is available for £28.

Dressing’s Ranch Dice Silo

With all the shooting taking place in this very contested ranch, you’re going to need somewhere to roll all those dice right? Well look no further than the Dice silo.

It functions as a regular piece of terrain, but with the removable top it can also be used to roll dice down the centre and out of the spout near the bottom. The set even comes with a handy cart to catch all those dice!

You can pick up the Dice Silo for £16.

Dressing’s Ranch Stable

The Stable set comes with a more trimmed down footprint of a barn,  chicken coop, a smaller water tower and well. A great addition to expand the barn set or some extra buildings to fill out any dusty western town.

The stable set is available for £16.

As you can see here the combination of all these sets make for a great skirmish 3×3 board from the wild west. Lots of elevated positions and climbable areas to get the drop on some cattle rustlers.

That is our range of MDF releases this week. If resin is more your thing then check out our post about the Dropzone release this week here.

If you have any TT Combat products that you have painted or would like to share with us, please feel free to send photos to We may even feature you on the TT Community for Monday Motivation!

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