Dropzone Commander – Armour Battlegroup Releases

The war for the Earths surface is about to get fiercer!

It’s Friday which of course means we have some new releases today so all you Dropzone Commanders better remortgage your house! Why? Because the brand new Armoured Battlegroups are packaged and prepared for pre-orders. Some of you might have already seen these revealed during our Advent Calender but we can now show you more.

PHR Advanced Armour Battlegroup

Starting with the most badass looking faction (personal choice), We have the Advanced Armour Battlegroup for PHR players. Now you won’t find a Hades Scorpion stomping into battle but you are going to have access to Odin Heavy Walkers and Erebos EM Walkers all being transported in a Neptune Dropship. The 4 new Diana Jetskimmers can combine their Molecular Agitator fire to destroy larger enemies! Finally we wanted to cater to older Dropzone players by offering 2 of the new Jetskimmers in blister format.

The PHR Advanced Armoured Battle group will be available for £35. Additionally the pack of 2 Diana Jetskimmers could be yours for £10.

Resistance Platoon Armour Battlegroup

Following their abandonment on Earth, Resistance fighters have adapted into  resourceful survivors. Fighting for freedom from Alien invaders and the government which abandoned them, the Resistance Battlegroup is a must if you don’t want to be outgunned. This set contains a Napoleon Heavy Tank, 2 Lifthawk Dropships, 2 Zhukov AA Tanks and 2 of the new Patton AFVs.  These new Patton AFV’s will be the core of this Battlegroup, armed for anti-light or anti-heavy vehicle fire. The Resistance will endure!

The Resistance Platoon Armour Battlegroup will be available for £35. Furthermore the 2 Patton AFV’s will be selling in a separate £12 blister.

Scourge Rapid Armour Battlegroup

These neuro-parastistic lifeforms are always looking to expand its tendrils further and further. With the Rapid Armour Battlegroup, Scourge players will have to assess their forces before the next conquest. Comprising of a Harbinger Troopship, Savager Laser Barge, 2 Corsair Interceptors and 4 brand new Spectre Skimtanks, the Scourge have advanced their weaponry even further ahead of the UCM. Spectre Skimtanks are armed with either a long-ranged Plasma Lances or Photon Blasters which shoots through walls!

This must buy will be available for £35. Alternatively you can pick up the 4 Spectre Skimtanks in a blister for £12.

Shaltari Swift Armour Battlegroup

Whilst the Shaltari might be short in stature, their technology is among the most advanced in the universe. The Swift Armour Battlegroup is going to add even more gravity defying tools of destruction to the Shaltari cause. Comprising of a Puma Sonic Warstrider, an Eden Gate, the Alligator and three brand new Atlatl Gravtanks! These new Gravtanks can be assembled with two variants which can either teleport friend or foe around the board or act as an amit-air vehicle.

This Shaltari Battlegroup will available for £35 as a complete set or alternatively buy just the three Atlatl Gravtanks in blister for £12.

UCM Combined Armour Battlegroup

Finally, the UCM decided to dedicate some of their precious resources towards Earths reconquest by developing the Combined Armour Battlegroup. This militaristic faction are now fielding two new units to the battlefield! Polecat buggies are armed with Twin Nemesis Miniguns to decimate opponents infantry or Aggressor Cannons for anti- vehicle support. The new Vulture Dropship is available for further Polecat transport around the board. Two Falcon Light Gunships provide aerial support, while two Gladius Heavy Tanks bring heavy firepower with Twin Avenger Railguns or Quake Accelerated Mortars.

The UCM Combined Armour Battlegroup will reconquer Earth for £35. The four Polecat Buggies can be purchased in blister for £15. Alternatively the two Vultures Dropships will also be available for £15.

Is that enough to get excited about? Well then head over to the TTCombat webstore and order yours now before they’re gone!

If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to info@ttcombat.com and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!


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