Monday Motivation – TTCombat Staff Festive Contest

Now that the festive period is finally over and shops have put away all of the lynx gift sets, we’d thought it be a great time to show off some of our amazing staff creations.  Here at TTCombat we hold regular staff painting contests which we want to share with you on this week’s Monday Motivation!

December’s theme for the painting contest was “open”, so people had free rein to do whatever they wanted – Xmas themed or not! Without further ado, let’s have a look at the entries.


We’re gonna ban this guy from entering if he wins one more time or at least get a mental assessment because there’s been a massacre! More than Santa came down the chimney at this house, as Matt decided to have some Xenomorphs invite themselves in. These nasty aliens have invaded from Troll Trader and ambushed our poor Halflings. Unfortunately no presents will be delivered to the Ospedale this year as Madman Santa and Pan Lady Mrs Claus surely cant survive this.


This is the best diorama EVER! ( I have to say this as she’s my wife and I want to eat tonight). This entry is for all you Relics fans because St.Nik and Company Sergeant Major were spotted delivering presents to the Britanans! Firstly we loved the MDF tree covered in static grass and snowman constructed by green stuff! Now St.Nik’s colours are perfect for his role but of course anything Relics related is a plus in our books.


So big it needs two pictures! Andrew has raised the Halfling undead for his entry. A lot of work has gone into his creation for our most recent competition including a garden soil and tile grout covering a Dungeon Tile for the base! I love the lone Halfling Warrior Priest taking sanctuary in a custom gothic ruined church whilst the Halfling Zombies lumber towards him. Thankfully the  painting is great and the excess of foliage sprouts from the exposed beams and stonework is a nice touch.


Not only was this David’s first time entering our contest but his first Miniature project! We loved the theme of this entree as David’s band is so loud they could raise the dead. The fact that the Double bass has been crafted from Green Stuff showed his resourcefulness and care for this project. Also its nice to see that while Orcs and Humans don’t get along in life they sure can in death! Finally the cyber columns surrounding the band really complete this spooky piece.


Science fiction is extremely popular at TTCombat. Shocking I know – the makers of Dropfleet and Dropzone like sci-fi! But we think you’ll like Jay’s B-movie themed entry. A Fauna horde are attempting to breach the UCM’s defences in this project. Its impressive to see so many painted Dropzone units on small base. There is also a nice Jean Rasczak easter egg to be found.


Halfling culture is vast and noble so of course Matt W wanted to represent this with his noble Samurai. By far our smallest entree we received, Matt W has clearly spent a long time working on the bases and painting for his creation. We loved the contrasting reds and blues of the armour which benefits from a floral chest design. However, personally I like the home made earthen base which he has created himself and attached to a standard 25mm base.


Mario Petralone is a tragic character in the world of Carnevale. Having survived the space between realms he returned only to posses his own son and release his tendrils upon Venice. This Black Spectre has been beautifully brought to fruition by Tom whose done a fantastic job! In particular I’m a big fan of the tortured souls faces at the bottom of the miniature which look great on this gargantuan gifted. Well done TOM!


Our Halflings really can’t catch a break this contest after being Assaulted by Aliens, Zombies and now Skeletons! Rich’s Halfling adventurers have allowed themselves to be surrounded and now must fight for survival on the skulls of the fallen. There’s a lot going on here so bare with me. Firstly luminescent skeletons are a great change from the norm. Secondly I personally love our heroes Braveheart blue Mohawk and face paint! Finally I’m not going to attempt to count how many skulls are visible on the base but if anyone wants to email into let me know that be great.

Thanks for entering the contest folks! The next competition is starting soon and will go on for two months. This time the contestants are restricted to a 50mm base. We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

If you have a project you want to start or add to your table top setup, make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post, please send us some photos to


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