Advent Calendar 21

Welcome to the last week of Dropzone Commander in this years Advent Calendar.

Today is our final Dropzone post of the calendar and we’ve saved the best ’til last, lets get that door open!

We’ve all been waiting for these absolute units for a long time now. We’re excited to share a glimpse at the UCM Behemoth; today out for some live-fire field exercise so it will be ready to obliterate the enemy.

This gargantuan killing machine comes in two flavours; America and Russia. Each boasts an armament consisting of a healthy supply of Hailfire munitions, a Vindicator MK2 Battery and a pair of Mass Driver or Stormcrow Cannons. Run for cover!

But we’d also like to share a rare insight into the prototyping and pre-mastering stage of production; 3D Printing!

We ensure that models are cut in convenient places – not only for you – but for the production team to even be able to pull castings from the silicone moulds. In the case of these Behemoths we have to make sure they even fit on the build plate of the 3D Printer in the first place!

Don’t worry if it appears to be lacking the usual detail you would expect, this is just a rapid prototype. Typically we print our parts at 25 microns, allowing for extraordinary detail. However if we just need to test something during development we can print at 100 microns. While that reduces the fine details, it preserves the size while massively cutting down on printing time. Even on the quickest setting these guns took around 24 hours to print!

But don’t fret, when this towering nightmare clad in metal hits retail it will be packed with all the fine details you would expect from Dropzone Commander.

From sculpting, to printing, to mastering and production; it’s a long co-operative process to bring these models to you and we’re excited for these Behemoths to finally join the battle for Earth!


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