I’m dreaming of a white box Christmas!

This week it’s a big release for the web store. Have a little read if you want to know more about our black Friday models, the new White Box deals and an update to our EU shipping.

First up, we have some news about shipping to European Union countries. TTCombat now have an IOSS number, meaning that all European Union country orders should fly through customs and cost less. Instead of paying tax at our store and then being taxed again at your home countries’ customs,  it is now paid our end!

Note that IOSS only applies to orders of 150€ or under – over that amount and taxes will still have to be paid on delivery.

Now, onto the new stuff!

Becky Black Friday & Cyber Courier Monday 

Next, we have our Black Friday and Cyber Monday exclusive miniatures. There are two ways to get your hands on this year’s BFCM miniatures:

  1. Add them to your cart and buy them! Easy.
  2. If you spend over £75 in the TTCombat webstore until Sunday 5th December we will throw one in for free! If you spend £150 we’ll throw in both for free!

When you order £75 or over, we’ll include a free 2021 model for you. If you specify in your basket’s “special instructions for seller” box which one you want, we’ll put it in. If you don’t we’ll put in a random one! You’ll get one for when you spend £75. And if you spend £150 you’ll get both.

White Box Bundle:  Gothica Inner City

This inner city board has enough buildings in it to kit out a 3×3 board, plus the accessories to further customise the roof spaces of these high rises. Great to add a bit of height to a downtown area for any superhero or post apocalypse zombie games.

White Box Bundle: Castle Town Beggars Alley

These tumbledown houses make a perfect ruined 3×3 board for a fantasy village or small town. With seven buildings and a resin accessories set this is a great box to expand an existing collection of ruined scenery or start one!

White Box Bundle: Sector 4 Research Installation

This box contains three large pipe sets, perfect for making a sprawling industrial complex. Completely modular and containing lots of extra little little buildings and technical parts really allow you to make endless layouts.

White Box Bundle: Ruined Aquila Sector

One large centrepiece tower and four kits of ruined corners allow you to make the ruined post apocalypse city of your dreams. There is enough scenery in this box to fill a 4×4 board easily and add some extra decoration with the resin  barrels too!

White Box Bundle: Freighter Graveyard

If a more industrial sci-fi gothic board is more your style then this is for you. A large crane for height, surrounded by shipping containers, fully playable industrial buildings and an accessory set of small fuel drums..

White Box Bundle: Bolstered Drop Site

This box contains power pylons and a signal tower, plus three large science facilities to create one large foothold on a new unexplored planet. Enough terrain and a resin accessories set to fill a 3×3 board.

White Box Bundle: Titania Industry Works

This box of 10mm scenery is enough to fill a 4×4 board, making a complete industrial sector for your miniature battles. Large industrial buildings can be surrounded by smaller scatter to give more battlefield variety. Check online as some of these kits contain Dropzone Rules!

White Box Bundle: San Geremia Plaza

This bundle provides a large tower, five surrounding buildings, walls and a small bridge. Complete with resin gondola and gondola poles, there’s enough scenery in this bundle to create a small open plaza next to the canal.

White Box Bundle: 9th January Square

This bundles contains an open fountain park with lots of low cover, a four storey apartment complex and a ruined theatre. Lots of places to house your troops and would make a great 3×3 ruined city board.

White Box Bundle: Frontier Town Main Street

This bundle provides, all the scenery necessary to make a 3×3 frontier town board. Dense multi level buildings provide lots of places for the sheriffs and outlaws to have a shoot-out.

White Box Bundle: Dressing’s Ranch

Our second wild west bundle is an expansive ranch, with a large silo and farmhouse. Complete with barns and industrial outbuildings, there is lots of cover and places for varmints to hide out!

Each one of these White Box Bundles retail for £75 each. Please be advised we are expecting a possible 6 week turnaround time for these from getting them cut to delivery, so if you place an order, there may be some delay.

All of these White Box Bundles will be available throughout the holiday period, but after that they’ll be gone again from the webstore!

And don’t forget that all our show exclusives are still available online at the moment in celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday! They’ll be online until the end of Sunday 5th December as well, so now’s the time to stock up on exclusives – it’s going to be one of the last times you can get the 2021 show models! Although don’t worry, the alternate Dropzone units and Queens of the Adriatic will be coming back next year as well.

Is that enough to get excited about? Well then head over to the TTCombat webstore and order yours now before they’re gone!

If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to info@ttcombat.com and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!

One Reply to “I’m dreaming of a white box Christmas!”

  1. I bought the Western White Box and it’s great, although storing all of the sets wasn’t something I had truly grasped! There’s obviously a huge improvement over the original Western theme sets, and it bodes well for future (and my favoured) Fantasy Realms sets.

    Initially I liked the idea of the lack of a ground floor floor, reducing weight and presumably cost, but seeing through to the table isn’t always a good look.

    It would be great to have an image template of the floor plans of these missing floors, so that you you can design your own floors and print them out, then attach to foamboard or similar. It would simply need to be the accurate inside measurements of each building.

    While we’re at it, it would be great to have templates for the signs as well, so we can print our own businesses to temporarily stick over the various signs.

    Hopefully this isn’t too far out of TTCombat’s wheelhouse to achieve, and could be located amongst the instructions for each building.

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