Teeny Tiny Space Buildings Newly Released for you!


This weeks releases are all about tiny space buildings, so a good old 180 from last weeks Wild West releases.

Hello folks. Happy Friday, yes the festive season is one week closer and we have some new tasty scenery for you! This week we’re expanding our ever growing SCI-FI X range which has been designed for Dropzone Commander. However the following kits will easily fit into any 10mm skirmish game.

Megaventilation Fan

The Megaventilation fan is a fantastic centre piece to any Sci-Fi table top, it features loads of line of sight blocking as well as playable surfaces for mini skirmishes to break out. The Silo’s act as a brilliant vantage point over the surrounding area. They even come with a cute staircase for your models to access the top of the silos.

This little gem is going for a mere  £16.

Quad Storage Platforms

Next up we have The Quad Storage Platforms, the kit contains a pair of highly playable platforms. They fashion a truly unique and eye catching aesthetic whilst still promoting loads of playability features.

The Quad Storage Platforms are selling for just £10.

Scaffold Towers

The Scaffold Towers  reach a staggering 4 stories. This enables them to tower over surrounding areas providing a fantastic vantage point. In addition to this the walkways are the perfect width for Dropzone Commander infantry. There’s even a cheeky stair well allowing the minis to effortlessly scale the towers.

This little addition come in at a low £12!

Sphere Containers

The Sphere Containers,  come in a pack of 3. The floor surrounding the spheres is large enough to hold miniatures on, creating a playable surface for you to protect or attack.

All 3 spheres can be yours for £10.

All of these new glorious kits do come with their own rules on how they can be used and interacted with so please don’t forget to take a look at these on the TTCombat Site under Dropzone Commander Resources, Scenery rules.

If you are looking at adding something to your table the TTCombat Webstore has you covered. If you have something of ours that you’ve painted and want to show off, email us lots of pictures at info@ttcombat.com, you may even get featured on Monday Motivation!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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