This Friday Release is getting big enough for the both of us

Following on from our Pitchstone releases last week we now have a second set of kits heading to the Wild West Pitchstone Collection today.

Howdy Folks, following on from last weeks Pitchstone releases we have a 2nd dosage of Wild West kits coming your way, lets get into it starting with the Pitchstone Crossroads!

Pitchstone Crossroads

Here we have the Pitchstone Crossroads. This impressive kit comes as two buildings, a small one storey corner as well as a multi storey long building. The Pitchstone Crossroads follows the same design philosophies as the rest of the Pitchstone collection. Promoting features such as removable roofs allowing for easy access to the inside of the buildings. This allows for a vast amount of playability such as line of sight blocking through the windows as well as a whole new close quarters area to skirmish in.

The Pitchstone Crossroad can be yours for just £20!

Pitchstone Bank

Next up we have the Pitchstone Bank. The Bank has a removable loft space and a removable 1st floor, allowing for easy access to these playable areas. The Pitchstone Bank has a very quaint balcony giving you a vantage point over the table as well as a bannister for line of sight blocking. Holding this position could be vital in defending the bank against heists.

The Pitchstone Bank comes in at £16

Pitchstone Municipal

The final kit for the Pitchstone range is the Pitchstone Municipal. The kit is comprised of three medium sized buildings. All three featuring unique and interesting aesthetics and feature the same playability features as the rest of the Pitchstone collection. Removable roofs, angled roofs and ample line of sight blocking. One feature I think is brilliant with this kit is how different all three buildings are with each one bringing something new to the tabletop.

The entirety of the Pitchstone Municipal is only £20!

Here we have the entire Pitchstone collection from the past 2 weeks, beautifully filling up a 4×4 Desert gaming mat.

With the introduction of these new Wild West kits, we have moved the existing Wild West range to Last chance to Buy. These kits will only be available for a little longer so if you now is the time to grab them before they’re gone.

Alongside this if you are curious to see what the rest of the TTCombat products ranges look like, then you can check them out here.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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