This Friday Release ain’t big enough for the both of us

But it’s big enough for the three kits we have to show you!  Welcome to this weeks New Releases coming straight from the Wild West.

Howdy partner, you may have already seen a couple of these kits earlier this week in Teaser Tuesday. Lets round everything up and get started!

Pitchstone Church

This is the Pitchstone Church, features a playable interior and plenty big enough for the local gatherings on Sunday mornings. If anyone decides to try to raid the town, the Church features plenty of cover. Even the windows give you some great spots to shoot from!

The Pitchstone Church is all yours for only £14!

Pitchstone Saloon

Now the saloon is where everyone can have a good time, whether it’s drinking, singing, playing cards or even fighting this is where anything and everything goes down. It even features a Livery so you can keep your horse safe while you go in for a few. This kit does have playable interiors so you can stage your own fights not only outside but inside too!

The Saloon and Livery are only £16!

Pitchstone Main Street

The Mercantile, General Store, Barber, Dry Goods and a couple of extra buildings are all open for business so get your Silver ready and head on down! Who knows, while you’re out getting your daily goods you may even witness the Gallows in use! All of these have removable roofs for playable interiors.

The entirety of the Pitchstone Main Street is just £28!

Some of these may look a little familiar and that’s down to the fact that we are looking at the older Wild West kits and revamping them. Whilst all the older kits are still available they are in Last Chance to Buy, so if there is something in the range you wanted, act fast!

If you are looking at adding something to your table the TTCombat Webstore has you covered. If you have something of ours that you’ve painted and want to show off, email us lots of pictures at, you may even get featured on Monday Motivation!

Have yourselves a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy shootin’ weekend now ya’ll! YEEEHAAWW!

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