WIP Cyber Monday

I don’t know about you but Im about ready to to hibernate in my warm little bed. The good news is that Cyber Monday is coming so you can still take advantage of them festive season sales.

Greetings one and all to WIP Wednesday! Its almost November! Yes we are almost 10 months into the year which is a tad insane. 1 pandemic, 3 lock downs later and another Cyber Monday is almost upon us. This one is based on something a lot of us have been using this year. Home delivery!

Intergalactic Home Delivery

The delivery industry has been utilised to the absolute max this year with everyone having to stay home so we thought we would create a model that almost everyone can relate to.

Just a few concepts our awesome in house artist has come up with…

Knock Knock

Your order has arrived, well in a couple weeks it will. Our exclusive models will be on sale all weekend at the end of November with our latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday models being given away with orders that are made over this period.

The almost final product we have been dabbling with…

And the almost final render. We want to keep you in the dark for just little bit longer on this one. Mwahahaha.

This particular model and our Black Friday model will be added for free to any order that exceeds the value of £75 on the TTCombat webstore  over the weekend of the 26-28 of November only. We’ll have more info for you closer to the time.

Cheerio you little legends.

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  1. These are some great looking concepts and perfect for a ton of games. I may not be able to get my hands on them during the sale but will pick some up when they are on general release.

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