Friday Releases – Construction & Cards

This week we’ve got a bit of a mixed bag on the slate.  There’s a clue in the title but read more to find out the details.

This weeks releases cater to anyone that likes our downtown MDF kits or games that include cards. I’ll explain below…

Celestial Drive in Theatre

A two part kit:: projector/concessions stand and the screen itself, the drive in theatre provides lots of verticality for climbing and height advantage during gameplay. The concessions stand itself has a removable roof for added playability.

You can pick up the theatre for yourself for only £24

Gothica Public Library

A revamped version of one of our older kits, the public library has been rebuilt from the ground up with some added detailing and an easier construction. Perfect for any superhero or zombie survival game that needs a public library downtown.

Releasing today for £16

Ruined Gothica Public Library

If you like the public library but feel like it has too many walls and all the books aren’t wet enough when it rains then this is the kit for you. Completely open construction means it has increased playability through the buildings footprint, however, it still has roof space enough to place models in elevated positions.

With two corners, it could even be laid out farther apart to give them impression of a larger structure.

The ruined library sells for £12

That’s it for this weeks MDF releases, as you can they make a nice little addition to any board. If you’re looking for more city buildings then check out the range on our website here.

9x Card Binder

Perfect for collectors and deck builders alike. The card binder has 20 pages with 9 card slots each side, totalling 360 spaces. Flexible plastic covers mean the binder will be durable lightweight, with the added bonus of TTcombat branding, meaning everyone knows you’re super cool.

The card binder is available for £12

80/100 Deck Box

If you want to store your cards in something a bit more boxy and a little less folder-y, then this is for you.

With a choice of 80 card capacity or 100, this is a perfect way to store all sorts of gaming cards you may have.

The 80 card deck box costs £2 and the 100 card deck box is £3

Matte Card Sleeves – 5 Colours

If you’re interested in keeping your cards safe while they’re out their deck box or binder, then the matte card sleeves are for you. They are available in an array of colours that will suit everyone’s style.

100 card sleeves are available for £6

Inner Card Sleeves

These inner sleeves cradle your cards like a newborn. A snug fit means they are extra protected and can fit inside other sleeves or binders. Clear both sides they provide no obstruction and are sold in packs of 100, just like the matte sleeves.

100 inner sleeves cost £3

That’s everything for today, if you want to get something to add to your collection or even start something new check out the TTCombat Webstore for all your hobby needs. If you have something of ours that you’ve painted and would love to show it off, email us some photos to Who knows, we may even feature it on a Monday Motivation post!

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