Welcome to WIP Wednesday, the biggest and best show around!

In today’s match we’re pitting the RUMBLESLAM Championship Ring against… the NEW AND IMPROVED RUMBLESLAM Championship Ring!

The Championship Ring was envisaged a little while ago to combine the height and majesty of an MDF ring with the ease and fancy looks of the neoprene mats.

Having removable turnbuckles means you can roll your neoprene mat up after the game (and store it underneath in the Deluxe version!), then put your turnbuckles back on for next time.

However, a modular ring like that takes some very careful construction, and the first version of the ring was a little complicated. So we’re introducing…

Championship Ring VERSION 2

Our MDF designers have put their heads together to make the best-selling Championship Ring easier to build.

Some of the more fiddly joints have been replaced with easier scissor joints, which means it’s much simpler to construct, and also the beefier joins means the kit is more sturdy for more RUMBLESLAM matches!

Deluxe V2

We’ve also applied the changes to the Deluxe version. A much simpler storage box underneath means you’ll have an easier time assembling. And you’ll know that your extras like cards, tokens, and turnbuckles are more secure than ever.

These new test cuts were assembled today (to show them in today’s WIP Wed!) and are just the first pass on the upgrade. There are still a few tweaks to be made, but we’d like to hear what you all think. Is there anything you’d like to see? Any particular sticking points on the old design that you’d like to see gone? Let us know in the comments!

We’ll have more information on when this upgraded kit is done in the future. While you’re waiting for it, make sure to check out the rest of the RUMBLESLAM range in the TTCombat webstore.


  1. The biggest issue I have with the championship ring is that the storage isn’t quite deep enough for the miniatures. If you store them standing upright, the top of the ogre’s head gets the paint stripped off. An extra couple of millimetres depth would be enough. I get the impression the designers didn’t take the base thickness into account when designing the original.

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