Friday Releases in the City

For this Friday’s release, we take a trip downtown and take a look at the new property developments popping up!

The Architects have been busy and construction has finished on two grand buildings in the city centre. Lets have a look at them in more detail.

Gothica Exchange Bank

The Gothica exchange bank is a turn of the century, four storey, period building. Large lower floor accommodates the bank tellers and has adequate space for desks.

With three upper floors for office workers and a roof with a recent helipad addition. This building has all the charm you’d expect from an inner city bank.

The Gothica Exchange is available for £20.

Lincoln High-Rise

The Lincoln company have capitalised on the small development space by building upwards. The high-rise boasts a large entrance foyer on the ground floor and four spacious apartments above.

Luxury living space at its finest with rooftop access and handy fire escapes on every floor.

The High rise goes on sale for £28.

Rooftop Machinery

No rooftop access? No AC? No Skylight? Well Rooftop Machinery has you covered!

Licensed fitters of apartment accessories, we provide all the extra detailing to your bland and flat roof space.

With water towers, roof stairways, skylight and ventilation options, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Now on our website for £12.

Combined with our last city scenics release from a few weeks ago, you can see that these buildings make a great city board with varying levels of high and interior access.

You can find all of our other City Scenics range here.


It is the last week to get your hands on all of our exclusive models!!

They will be available until the 4th of October, so you have until monday to place your orders.

Head on over to our exclusives section to check them all out before they’re gone.

Spray Paints

We said in our latest Teaser Tuesday that we had new colours, thirteen new colours to be exact. These will be available in the same way the previous batch was, so UK residents only and are in a flat matte finish. Lets have a look at all the colours.

That’s quite the range of colours available now. Of course Black Spectre and White Sphere are still a thing but the addition of thirteen new colours brings us to a total of 39 different colour sprays. This is still the beginning for us so expect more in the future!

These will be available today for £8.50 each

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