Dropfleet – New Release Friday ft. Sprays

Nought the Dreads your opponents are looking forward to going against. Plus some new colours added to our range of Spray Paints in this week’s New Releases Friday!

It’s Friday and we all know that means we have something new going up on the TTCombat Webstore! If you’re looking for what we have coming this week in MDF, click here. We do have some information regarding when the Exclusives are coming off sale but we’ll get into that at the end.

Resistance Dreadnought

Up first this week we have the Resistance Dreadnought which is the most Modular Space Ship you’ll possibly find in a miniatures game.

You may have seen these recently with the rules post that went up yesterday, click the link if you missed it. This massive kit can be built to make one of three different ships or two of the smaller ones.

That is a lot of parts, roughly 68 pieces to be exact. Whether you’re looking to build something for your fleet or just build something for a showpiece. This kit is something that is perfect for anyone. What can you build for your fleet? Let’s get into that next!

Pathfinder – Interstellar Raft

These are the smallest of the Dreadnoughts but depending on what parts you use to build these, you could easily come out with two of them from the one box. The Pathfinder is around the same size as a larger Battlecruiser but does have more Hull and Point Defence.

Explorer – Interstellar Ark

Next up we start getting bigger and have the Explorer which is equivalent to a Battleship. This isn’t big enough to be classed as a Dreadnought so even though it has a low Scan and Thrust you are saved from 2 rolls on the Crippling Damage Table.  You will only be able to build the one ship from the kit if you’re looking at going for the Explorer.

Coloniser – Interstellar Dreadnought

The Coloniser is big. I mean BIG, with 35 Hull it’s pretty tough. This ship might be visible from anywhere but your opponents should be pretty scared of the weapon options. Eight options from the Dreadnought Systems list are available to use here, make them fear you!

The Resistance Coloniser Dreadnought kit is available for Pre-Order for £60

Spray Paints

We said in our latest Teaser Tuesday that we had new colours. Thirteen new colours to be exact! These will be available in the same way the previous batch was, so UK residents only and are in a flat matte finish. Lets have a look at all the colours.

That’s quite the range of colours available now. Of course Black Spectre and White Sphere are still a thing but the addition of thirteen new colours brings us to a total of 39 different colour sprays. This is still the beginning for us so expect more in the future!

These will be available today for £8.50 each


Just a quick reminder that this is the last weekend for the exclusives. If there is something you’ve had your eye on for a bit and want an excuse to buy it, now is the time because as of Monday 4th October they will be removed.

That’s everything for today, if you want to get something to add to your collection or even start something new check out the TTCombat Webstore for all your hobby needs. If you have something of ours that you’ve painted and would love to show it off, email us some photos to info@ttcombat.com. Who knows, we may even feature it on a Monday Motivation post!

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