The Cold Bloods Update + Invisible Reinforcements

It’s Friday, which means new releases! And with new releases come new rules!

Every time we release a new booster box for RUMBLESLAM, we’re going back to some of the classic cards to give them a bit of a balance pass and some fancy new visuals.

You can find all of the updated cards for download here. While we don’t offer full updated ones to buy, you can print and play for free!

With the Triassic 5 coming out TODAY, the Cold Bloods are getting a look at with some updated rules.

On the surface, much as stayed the same with the Cold Bloods. They’re a nicely balanced team already. Now they just have a few more tricks up their scaly sleeves.


The Gekkos have kept their main stats the same, relying on their +1s on DEF and DEX to carry them through. Their special abilities have been beefed up a little though.

The Gekko Brawler’s Slide Tackle now automatically does KNOCKDOWN – no more rolling to get out of it! Its Turnbuckle ability is now an Air Dive, which doesn’t do much damage but has great range and only costs 1AP (plus 1 to climb up in the first place). It’s a fantastic way to reposition in the ring, and 3C on the ATT means it’s got a decent chance of a Beatdown.

The Gekko Grappler hasn’t had much change, but Skittering Lizard has become a little easier to do, only costing 2AP instead of 3. Its range is a little lower, but you still get to make a free one if the first one works!

Both Gekkos have had a small change to their Skitter rules – one that matches the Triassic 5 as well. Skitter now takes place at the end of the round rather than their activation. It’s only 1 square movement, but allows you to get ready for the next round, retreating or charging (let’s face it, they’ll be retreating).


The Saurians – like their Gekko cousins – haven’t had any changes to their basic stats, but a few more major tweaks to their skills.

The biggest thing that veteran Cold Bloods players will notice is that the Saurians have been for a manicure. Their Sharpened Claws are gone! The two wrestlers are already extremely good at dealing damage, and not needing to remember to put BLEEDING counters down will be easier on newer players.

However, both Saurians have had that passive replaced by the Dino-Bite Active ability. It’s got great ATT and does 1 Damage, and stops the target wrestler from moving away! Against a team that can be quite slow, this is a massive skill, which allows the Saurians to bite down on their opponents until they get hit or let go next round.

Otherwise, you’ll see a few little tweaks. The Saurian Brawler’s Saurian Slam is now only 2AP, and the Prehistoric Pound now does Devastating as standard, which is always useful!

The Saurian Grappler has only one change, swapping out raw ATT power and range of its Terrorsaur Turnbuckle ability for SHOVE 2, which can be easily turned into a follow up Rope Attack with some careful positioning. Oh and handily, the Saurian Grappler is now only 200K!


Finally we have the big lizard. The Krux has one little change to its stats, and that’s losing a little DEF. Now it will be a little easier to hurt.

As with the others though, the Krux’s special abilities have had a shake up and a bit of a buff. Triassic Toss is now only 2AP, although only 2 Damage. Easier to use twice!

Bronto Bomb is still one of the best Turnbuckle attacks. It has lost its special rule, but gained DEVASTATING, which makes a total of 3 DEVASTATING moves in the team! Ouch! An extra point of range helps as well.

The biggest change to the Krux is its ROAR! Active ability. This one used to be an area of effect move, but has changed to be a direct attack. It targets one enemy, and if successful it pushes that wrestler directly away until they’re interrupted. That offers a massive amount of movement, forcing your opponent to completely redeploy in their turn. And you can do it twice in one activation! Hah! If that wasn’t enough, a successful Crowd Pleaser makes ROAR! give 2 -AP counters as well!

The Ceneleon

Of course, we couldn’t just leave you without a special treat! There’s a new Superstar coming to the Forest Soul this week. Introducing The Ceneleon.

This slippery fellow is hard to pin down due to his tricky ability to turn completely invisible. Even if he’s right in front of you, you can’t see him!

With crazy reliable stats (+1s on everything?!), he’ll fit right in with the Cold Bloods and Triassic 5. He’s fairly light weight though, with only 7 Stamina, but 5AP will help him bring the hurt.

The Ceneleon has a wide range of moves, from a SHOVE 3 Grapply ability to a 4 Damage Turnbuckle. He even increases the Reversal number by 2, so those +1s are even more useful!

For 1AP, the Ceneleon can go invisible. When invisible, he’s immune to almost every attack, only suffering hits from Rope Attacks or Live Ammunition (he’s still there after all, he’s so you can still collide with him). And then at the end of the round he can move up to 3 squares. He’s going to be a hard wrestler to pin down (both literally and figuratively).

You’ll have to wait until later to see the model though! 😉

We’ll be back this afternoon with all the details of the new miniatures coming your way, including your first look at the Ceneleon. All of which are heading to the TTCombat webstore today!

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