Of Clocks & Dinos: New Releases!

Just like the march of time, new release Friday rolls ever-onward. One minute the world is covered in dinosaurs, and the next… well, it’s new release Friday!

Today we’re celebrating releases for two of our games. Some new RUMBLESLAM wrestlers are headed your way, and Carnevale players are getting some excellent new scenery from the Streets of Venice (also useful in a handful of other games too).

Triassic 5

Our first release this week is the much-hyped Triassic 5.

A new booster box expansion designed for the Cold Bloods, this new set fills out some rookie rosters in the Forest Soul casino.

The box has 5 new wrestlers, from the Gekko Firebreather (does exactly what it sounds like) and the Pterodacrobat (flies overhead, slicing foes) to Stubby Dunker (literally a wall of scales) and the towering T-Flex (good at biting, not so good at grappling). Oh and how could we forget the Axolotl Cutie? That dumb little squishy face is made for punching, but your opponents will feel very bad about doing so!

The Triassic 5 are available to pre-order today for £25.

The Ceneleon

And of course this new booster box is accompanied by a Superstar of their very own! The Forest Soul have been patiently waiting for a Superstar of this calibre, and boy was it worth the wait!

The Ceneleon is a real hero of a wrestler, working the crowd, KO’ing fools left and right, and turning invisible! That’s right, you literally won’t be able to see this wrestler, which makes it extremely hard to punch him! And you’d better watch out when you do, he can do a Reversal on anyone, launching an RKO outta nowhere!

The Ceneleon is here for pre-order for £8 – catch him while you can still see him!

Modular Torre dell’Orologio

Let’s grab a water taxi and head over to Venice now. St Marks plaza looks a good place to take in the view! Today’s view specifically is the Modular Torre dell’Orologio. This towering… tower is an iconic sight in Venice, showing its clock to the lagoon for sailors to see the time. It’s big and has a couple of optional balconies. And of course its modular, clipping together with any number of other kits in the Streets of Venice range.

The Modular Torre dell’Orologio is on sale now for £16.

Modular Mercante di Lusso

A little bit shorter, but a lot larger, the Modular Mercante di Lusso is a real beast of a building! It has plenty of scalable surfaces, although you’ll have to put in a bit of effort to climb to the top in one go! It has a lovely overhang at the bottom where the shops are, and a balcony on top for admiring the view (or throwing your opponents to their doom).

This giant of a kit is only £20.

Modular Palazzo Emilia

But what if you want to make the entire landmark? Well, we have you covered.

The Modular Palazzo Emilia is a collection of the above. With a single Modular Torre dell’Orologio and two Modular Mercante di Lussos, you’ll make the entire clock tower of St Marks. This is a real centrepiece kit, and combines with the same simple clip system as the rest of the modular Venetian buildings, so you can always split it apart in different games, making for very varied boards.

If you pick up this kit, you also get a nice saving on buying them separately, seeing as it’s only £50.

That’s a big week of releases! What are you excited for? Want to wrestle your opponents back into pre-history? Or are you looking forwards to shoving an Avignon Guard off the top of the clock tower (I bet he’d land with a thud)? Let us know, and head over to the TTCombat webstore now to secure your new releases!

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