Dropfleet Commander Action News Bulletin

Dropfleet players, listen up! We have a couple of announcements for you today.

Dropfleet is going digital! Okay, Dropfleet has been digital for a while now, but today we’ve got some new news about digital Dropfleet. So without further ado (or saying digital or Dropfleet many more times in a single sentence), let’s have a look…

Dropfleet Commander Digital Rules

The Dropfleet rules have been online as a free digital download for almost a year now, and we’ve had some amazing feedback! From making things easier to read to squashing any inconsistencies, we’ve got a nice, easy to access version of the most up to date rules available for everyone.

So, needless to say in a post about Dropfleet digital rules, there’s a new version of the Dropfleet Commander rulebook available to download now!

Version 1.3 of the book is available here.

Inside you won’t find any massive, sweeping changes like the Torpedoes in version 1.2. There have been a couple of little typos fixed. But the biggest thing is that this version rolls in special rules previously only available in Battle for Earth.

If you’re playing Dreadnoughts, Monitors, Destroyers or a Resistance fleet, your special rules are now in the special rules section! Dreadnoughts’ special Crippling and Catastrophic Damage tables are in the Damage section of the rulebook too – so they’re all in one easy to access place.

Dropfleet Commander FAQ

Along with the newer version of the rulebook, we have updated the Dropfleet Commander FAQ as well.

You can download that in the Resources section too!

This new version answers a few questions going round at the moment (we expected a few questions about the UCM Venice!), and also adds a whole new section at the end: Guides!

This extra section takes all the example guides from the Dropfleet rulebook to help explain things. We didn’t want to make the digital rulebook too long, so you can get all the info on things here. If there are other guides you think would be useful, let us know.

Dropfleet Commander 2-Player Starter Box

The Dropfleet Starter Box is a great investment, and is brilliant for getting into the game. With two Starter Fleets, dice, tokens, and everything, it’s a quality set.

However, the world has changed a little bit recently! One of the reasons we’re spending more time on digital releases is that the price of materials is going up worldwide. I’m sure it has affected a lot of people in different ways, particularly in this hobby. The prices of metals, wood, and – importantly here – paper has all gone up, and the scarcity of those materials means that print runs are taking longer than usual.

Unfortunately we’re down to the last few of our Dropfleet rulebooks in the warehouse, and with shortages worldwide, it’s going to be a fair while before we would be able to get them back.

But we still want to keep the Dropfleet Starter Box for sale. So we’ve made the decision to swap the rulebook in there for a copy of Battle for Earth.

As far as value goes, you’re getting around 100 pages extra, with 50 of those dedicated to Dropzone Commander. So around 50 pages of Dropfleet info, including the Resistance fleet! With the Dropfleet rulebook as a free digital download, Battle for Earth provides all the juicy story and background info on the universe.

Print & Play Command Cards

And even more printing delays mean that we aren’t able to get PHR Command Cards any time soon. They’ve been out of stock for a little while, so we’re also putting these up for free digital download! With a fancy new style as well, and errata included as standard.

Click here to download the PHR Command Cards.

One of the biggest drawbacks with the PHR Command Cards out of stock is that the Battlefleet boxes had to be as well. So rather than Command Cards in there, we’re putting in 3 extra Corvettes. More models!

Dropfleet Commander Website

In the last Dropfleet news of the day, we’re also doing some work on the Dropfleet website! Although it’s not ready to go live yet, web designer Yahia has been busy behind the scenes, smartening it all up, to match with the new look Dropzone Commander site. Both still have even more changes coming, so keep an eye out!

Dropzone Order Now!

And our final announcement today is a little reminder.

All the new Dropzone Commander sets are now off pre-order and on general release. A few new and restocked units all round (not for you, PHR) means even more options for your armies! Just head over to the TTCombat webstore to pick up your reinforcements.

Phew, that’s a lot to digest. We’ll leave it there for now. We’ll be back soon with even more Dropfleet and Dropzone goodies (did someone say Resistance Dreadnought?), so stop back then! And don’t forget, if you have some painted Dropfleet, Dropzone, or anything else TTCombat, please feel free to send some pictures to us to share in a future Monday Motivation! We love seeing everything you’ve all painted, bringing these miniatures to life.

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