Welcome to Monday Motivation with TTCombat and an awesome Iron Labyrinth Complex!

Today we have a really great Iron Labyrinth Ultima Complex board set up sent to us by Adam from Adams Hobby Stuff. We here at TTCombat really LOVE seeing how you are using our products and how you are going about constructing and painting them.

I love the small details which Adam has added to the Complex such as the small bullet wholes which add to the active battlefield theme he has gone for. Additionally Adam has done a great job with painting the kit with small sections of rust and grime added to the corners which really highlights the dystopian theme.

One of the strongest attributes about this complex is the sheer amount of corners and cover spots offered to players with its narrow sections and doorways; which would allow for a bottle neck to form so you will be able to play so strategically to gain an advantage over your opponent.

The quality of Adams painting has been carried throughout the entire complex however the use of additional accessories is fantastic to see.  We love the weapon cases and ammunition crates which have been placed across the battlefield with barbed wire also visible.

Adam has also uploaded a video with his building process for the kits. This is a great watch for anyone looking at ideas on how to build and paint their MDF projects.

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