Teaser Tuesday – Sci Fi – Gothic

It’s Tuesday, and we’re teases, so it’s time for Teaser Tuesday!

Hello folks, this week we have some really cool MDF kits coming your way. A brand set of kits will be joining our ever growing Sci Fi – Gothic range.

Introducing the Freighter Graveyard! You may have seen some of these in a WIP Wednesday in the past, and now this whole new sub-range is almost here. From Friday you’ll be able to make your own Freighter Graveyard.

Freighter Graveyard – Small Containers

The core of the range is the Small Container kit. The brilliant feature of this kit is how modular it is. Every crate within the kit works in tangent with another, allowing for endless possibilities when building a board to play on.

You can spread them out or stack them high, making a multi-levelled gaming board. They have a universal style as well, so whether you’re fighting in the gothic far future or in modern day, or even in historical battles, they’ll all look great on your board.

Freighter Graveyard – Distro Hub

The Distro Hub is our next set today. This impressive looking kit will be a fantastic addition to a table top with modular walkways allowing you to have unique table layouts every time you play. Alongside this it incorporates tones of useful features such as ample line of sight blocking, playable interior surfaces as well as removable floors.

Those walkways are designed to be the same size as the containers above, so you can create a vast labyrinth on your board.

Freighter Graveyard – Crane

Finally today we have this beauty of a kit: the Crane! The crane itself can rotate a whole 360 degrees and the crane arm can also change it’s angle (including giving a flat top for miniatures to stand on). The crane is equipped with a hook and bed allowing it to holster a crate. These really cool features are coupled up with a really impressive aesthetic and will be sure to catch the eye of everyone who sees it.

All these kits will be available on Friday to order. Alongside this there’ll be a couple others so stay tuned for those. If this has whet your appetite for some new scenery then you can check out the rest of our Sci Fi – Gothic range here.


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