SPAAACEEEEEEEE Stations release

This week we see a return to the great unknown!

I know most of you have already seen what’s coming with our Teaser Tuesday post earlier this week but we’re going to have a better look at things here today. If you want to see the MDF releases click here, for everything else, you’re in the right place!

We’ve seen the Space Stations already so we’re going to be starting there.

Defence Grid

Do you like guns? How about bigger guns? Think bigger again and then some more!

In the red corner, weighing… a lot, we have the Defence Grid Space Station! This thing is a monster, just look at the weapons on it. Even the names of the weapons sound scary. Coming with a 35-KL Quad Mass Driver that has 4 Attacks and Damage 4 you know when used right this thing is going to hurt. If you’re going against it you’ll want to stop it from firing fast and take control of it.

The Defence Grid Space Station is up for pre-order for just £18.

Astrobotanical Lab

How about something with no firepower but with the ability to hide ships?

Here we have the Astrobotanical Lab Space Station. This is for everyone out there that wants to confuse their enemies. With no weapons it has Signature Bloom as its secondary ability which will make sure your own ships don’t have to worry about Minor Spikes.

The Astrobotanical is also available for pre-order at just £18.

Both of these kits are made with the Modular Space Stations in mind and you can add parts to them from the plastic set that is already available. The rules for both the Astrobotanical and Defence Grid are available on the Dropfleet Resources. They won’t show up on the Fleet Builder for the time being – the builder needs some serious hard coding to make them work, so just PDFs for now!

Showcase Brushes

A few weeks back we released our own brushes for the first time. We were excited about finally getting these out and this week we have some more.

We have a new Basecoat Brush, Layer Brush and finally the Fine Detail Brush. The Showcase Brushes are high quality sable hair with the finest of tips. These are ideal for painting anything and everything miniature!

The Showcase Brushes are only £4.50 each.


This is the last thing for this week. We are releasing our own superglue.

This quick drying superglue will create a strong bond between parts for your miniatures whether they’re plastic, resin or metal. TTCombat Superglue is available today but due to restrictions will only be shipping to the UK.

TTCombat Superglue is only £3.50

We are looking forward to getting the Space Stations out and are excited to see what you do with them. If you have anything you would like to show us, send photos over to and we may even feature you on Monday Motivation! If you feel like you need more from us head over to our webstore and pick up your next project!

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