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Well it’s about that time when things are getting back to what we are used to. Just in time for some sweet exclusives to be released into the wild.

Greetings folks and welcome to another WIP Wednesday where we show what works we have in progress on a Wednesday. We have some Dropzone Commander exclusives on the way for you this week and they are something special.

Each of our Dropzone factions will be getting a unique, alternate sculpt which will be available on our webstore during the UK Game Expo and at the event itself. That’s right we will be there showing off as many products as we can muster up to Birmingham. Some new, some old and some exclusive. Although the UCM Osprey is our 2021 exclusive, we thought it was high time to introduce a new set of Exclusives. These will be available at every event we attend, and on the webstore, and not timed, so you can pick them up whenever we’re at a show in the future.

UCM Polar Bear

So, let’s begin with the UCM Polar Bear, an alternate sculpt to the Kodiak armoured command vehicle. Yes, this to is basically a mobile command centre capable of orbital strikes and almost total destruction. It’s completely redesigned, more fitting for hostile environments.  Oh and yes it comes with parts to make the Panda as well.

Shaltari Ronin

The Shaltari Ronin Tripod! More imposing than its alternate, yes. Less nimble, slightly. More awesome, oh yeah! This little piece of artillery has the potential to do some serious, serious damage before being taken out of commission.

PHR Taranis

The PHR Taranis Walker. Looking a bit like an angry metallic tortoise, this indirect fire walker has the ability to severely damage any unit behind enemy lines. All from the safety and comfort of being super far away.

Oh and we’ve got the first resin masters for the Taranis to have a peek at too!

That’s all we’re showing today, but all factions are getting a cool new alternate style unit, so keep your eyes open!

We cant wait to get to the UK Games Expo and see all of your wonderful faces again. We will be demoing many of our games for those of you who are not familiar with all of our lines.

Keep an eye out on our webstore or right here on TTCommunity for more updates on our journey to the UK Games Expo.

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