Teaser Tuesday – Super Space

Hey folks, today we’ve got some “super” exciting things to show you!

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday, where we look at what’s coming out in the world of TTCombat this week!

This Friday you can expect to see some brand new Dropfleet Commander Space Stations. These new kits are fully compatible with the existing Space Stations allowing you to make even bigger stations than ever!

First off we have the Defence Grid Space Station. These impressive looking stations add a dual layer to the standard space stations, making them look super heavy – perfect for a military station. They come equipped with some fantastic weaponry such as the 35-KL Quad Mass Drivers. This upgrade is sure to put a dent into enemy forces.

The next Space Station is the Astrobotanical Lab. This peculiar Station is a more passive alternative to the Defence Grid. However don’t let this fool you, the Astrobotanical is equally as important within the battlefield. Its Signature Bloom will help to disguise friendly ships if they hang around close to it.

The last thing we’ll be teasing today goes hand in hand with the Space Stations: we have our very own TTCombat Superglue! This quick drying and strong holding glue is perfect for plastic, resin and metal models.

The Space Stations will be available for Pre-Order on Friday and the glue will be ready for purchase on Friday too!

In the meantime why not check out our existing Dropfleet Commander kits; alongside our ever growing hobby accessories there’s plenty to get your hands on!


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