Teaser Compounded Tuesday

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday! We’re shrinking things right down this week with some new MDF kits…

Coming this Friday, we’re releasing the first wave of our brand new Dropzone Commander scale MDF kits.

Joining the Sci-Fi X range this week, we’ve got a whole load of industrial style scenery to fight over.

If you’ve fought enough games of Dropzone Commander in the heart of the city and want to try something fresh, then these new sets will be right up your alley – or gantryway I guess.

This Friday will see the release of five brand new kits, all with a distinctly industrial flavour.

The Compounds coming out this week run the gamut from smaller buildings connected together all the way to the larger buildings shown here.

Each of these kits is designed for gameplay, but also to turn your board into an evocative setting. Crammed with detail and surprisingly complex shapes, these sets will add a whole new look to your board, whether you’re playing Dropzone Commander or any other small scale games.

All of these new kits really look like they tell a story, and would be excellent for adding some interesting elements to your games.

Dropzone players: we’ve got you covered here! When these kits are released on Friday, we’ll also be releasing stat cards to go with each. These cards have some suggested rules for each scenery piece. While only suggestions, there’s some cool things in there that will change up your games in interesting ways!

In the meantime, you can check out all the current Sci-Fi X kits on the webstore – there are plenty of residential and business type buildings and skyscrapers for a full city board.

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