Monday Motivation – Carnevale

Hi folks, hope you all had a great weekend, it’s that time of the week. In todays Monday Motivation we will be taking a trip to the canals. The following photos were sent in by Mark Stancliffe.

I’m starting off with this fantastic group shot of all of Marks models… Just wow the range of colours in this shot is beautiful everything pops out, I can only imagine how good all this looks in the heat of battle.

Now for you a few close ups of some of the individual models.

This Harlequin, looks great, the seamless cut in colour between the red, black and gold looks  brilliant.

Next up we have El Capitano once again the colour are fantastic and really catch the eye.

Next up is Zovena Vela who controls fire, pretty cool power to have, but i suppose there are stranger things out there.  The detail Mark has picked out in this model is great I love the way the fire stands out.

Last but certainly not least is this Black Spectre, the gradient in this model is just amazing. As well as the contrasting colour of the mask the model really pops and will look incredible on the table top.

That’s all for this weeks Monday motivation, if you would like to check out our Carnevale range you can check it out here.

Alongside this if you would like to be featured, please send your images in to We love seeing your work.

Have a great week everyone.

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