A Savage Teaser Tuesday

It’s Tuesday already? Comes around fast when you spend Monday basking in the sun! Well, not amount of sunburn will stop us from teasing this week’s releases…

Every Teaser Tuesday we look directly into the laser cutters to see what they’re cutting.*

And today is no different, as we have even more Tumbledown Castle Town kits on their way this Friday!

Our Fantasy Realms range has all sorts of fantasy terrain, but most of it falls in the Savage Domain range. Including the Savage Domain: Coach House (and its waterwheel) above!

Savage Domain is the name we’ve given to an increasingly modular set of kits. Fitted with simple push-together joints, you’re able to join any kit in the range to any other kit. This week we’re expanding the Tumbledown Castle Town range, but these kits also fit alongside the rest of Savage Domain as well.

Combine the Savage Domain: Rotten Stockade (above!) with the Ramshackle Fortress to create a goblin-occupied city, or add in some Cogs of War sets to create a chaotic looking town that defies physics.

We’ve got four new sets on the way this week, each dripping with detail and rich in narrative. And each is able to be connected to any other kit with some simple walkways or walls.

Pop back on Friday when we’ll have everything to show in an MDF extravaganza, and they’ll all be going up for sale on the TTCombat webstore as well!

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  1. Darn, I knew I shouldn’t have done that order yesterday! Guess I’ll just have to make another one come Friday!

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