Space Elves Arrive!

With new MDF kits out every Friday, let’s see what the lasers have in store today…


They’re Elves… but in space? Ancient warriors that love nothing more than making super fancy arty buildings. Tall, organic shaped spires, smooth curves, and astounding geometry are all staple of the mythical Space Elf buildings. And we’ve got a whole load of them on sale now!

Space Elf Tower

Starting off with the tallest of the bunch, the Space Elf Tower showcases exactly what this range is all about! It’s got multiple levels, all exquisitely designed with organic shapes. The layer connect together esoterically, but there’s still plenty of space for gaming as well.

The Space Elf Tower is on sale now for £12.

Space Elf Generators

Next up we have the Space Elf Generators. With three in a pack, you’ve got some excellent objectives. These carefully designed sets go together neatly, making a floating crystal held aloft by arcing lightning.

They make super fancy scenery pieces that scream “Space Elf” and are available now for £8.

Space Elf Stargates

If you’re after a single set that is quintessentially Space Elf, look no further than that Space Elf Stargates. These imposing terrain pieces are exactly what you’ll want if you’re sick of human-centric scenery in your far future space battles.

This set contains 3 Stargates and also 10 barricades, which can be assembled together to make much longer defensive positions. All in one set for £10.

Space Elf Stronghold

Our largest kit this week is the Space Elf Stronghold. And what a kit it is!

This set contains four straight wall sections, four curved wall sections, 3 bastions, and one tower! All the the sections butt up to each other, and you can use them to create a whole bunker like above. Or stretch them out across your battle line as a defensive wall, which makes a wall almost 4 feet long!

Have you ever seen a structure so secure and yet so curvy? All this can be yours for £24.

Space Elf Platform

And our final kit this week is the indomitable Space Elf Platform. This big set is the perfect space to land your hover tanks, or keep a whole big unit of shooty Space Elves on top!

The set has a single walkway of stairs, which means your troops can climb to the top, and you only have one place to defend if enemies try to climb up.

All that and it’s only £10!

All of these Space Elf kits are available in the store now, so head over to the Sci-Fi Gothic section and check out all the pictures we have for you.

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