New in the Canals

Step back from the edge of the canal, there’s a big snake coming to get you!

It’s new releases day, and we’re diving straight into the Venetian lagoon for a brand new – and big – Carnevale release.

If you’re a Rashaar player, you’re going to want to pay attention. If you know a Rashaar player, it’s time to get very scared…

The Morgraur

Our biggest new release – both physically and metaphorically – is the colossal Morgraur!

This massive beast is the equivalent of an entire gang… and maybe even more! Make no mistake, the Morgraur is possibly the most deadly single model in Carnevale. Even Vlad would struggle on his own! And that’s in no small part because the Morgraur can literally eat people whole. Get enough hits in combat, and the target model is simply removed – no Protection rolls or anything!

The Morgraur is so big it comes with its own base, modelled to look like its smashing its way through a city street.

The gargantuan Morgraur is available now for £30.

Rashaar Reinforcements

Yes indeed, the Rashaar are receiving some reinforcements in the form of blister packs of different character types. Now if you want to expand your gang with specific models, you can pick them up separately.

We have four new sets for you today:

  • The Magi-Rashaar is a Leader and quite possibly the best Mage in the entire game. This fishy wizard casts powerful spells and has access to almost an entire Discipline of magic.
  • If you’re after a heavy Henchman choice, there’s two Lesser Ugdru in a blister. These are the equivalent of a Hero choice in any other faction, strong and fast swimmers.
  • A lighter and more subtle Henchman choice is the Aglaope. With three in a blister, you’ll have a lot of magic users, and that’s a bunch of Gateway!
  • Our final blister is a set of three Slaves. If you’ve got lots of Aglaopes, Lesser Ugdru and a Morgraur, you’re sure to want a packed lunch. Munch munch!

The Magi-Rashaar is available now for £8, and the three Henchmen blisters are all £15.

Carnevale Español

Our final announcement today is that the Carnevale rulebook is now available in Spanish! It’s the same small format rulebook, but completely translated for Spanish!

The book contains an introduction to the world of Carnevale, the factions therein, and then launches straight into the full rules. For Spanish players, this is the best way to start playing, and it’s available now for £10. Simply select the Spanish version in the drop down menu.

All of these new models are available to pre-order right now on the TTCombat webstore. And the Spanish rulebook is just out now for ordering. Head over now and get your fish monsters!

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