Monday Motivation! – Rumbleslam

Let’s shake those Monday blues away and see what our Monday motivation is today!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a RUMBLESLAM! motivation and I happened to find this wee gem amongst the many messages and absolutely loved it! Thank you very much Ned Wildey for sending in your work.

I enjoy the idea of painting miniatures to the original concept but I also admire the idea of putting your own spin on things and this is what Ned has exactly done with this Lord of Anarchy and The Runic Thunder team.

Rather than the normal dark and gritty looking styles, it makes a world of difference to what spicing things up with a change of colour can do. Look even Ronnie Salvage is ready to kick ass!

Thanks Ned, keep up the work!

If this has motivated you, take a look at the RUMBLESLAM collection in our webstore.

Hope this has given you the motivation that you needed to pick up that brush again or get yourself back into your hobbies. Have a great week everyone and if you’ve made something that your real chuffed about drop us a message at we would love to share your stuff in our future Monday motivation.


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