Teaser WAR Tuesday

We’re heading back in time today…

…to an occupied Russia!

This Teaser Tuesday we’re taking a look at some new World War kits that are coming to the webstore this Friday.

Originally designed for Bolt Action, this week we’re releasing an entire tank factory on the TTCombat webstore!

You may recognise some of these kits from our friends at Warlord, or from our infamous White Box Bundles during the holiday period last year. Now they’ll be available separately for the first time, including the Warehouse Entrance above.

Each set add loads to your games, whether it’s cover to hide behind (each set comes with a collection of scatter like the brick piles above), walls to protect your from your enemies, or height like the Warehouse Chimney above, which will give your soldiers a great vantage point. Get a sniper up on the chimney stack and let loose!

But if you want the whole thing, we’re also doing that as well! This massive set combines everything into one easy package (including two entrances to complete the walls).

This set is basically an entire  board in itself, and will make for a super-tense game, darting around the factory, trying to get the high ground and finding the best firing lines.


Are you a historical gamer looking for more scenery? We’ve got you covered! Pop back on Friday for a whole factory, and more! In the meantime, check out the full range of World War scenery on the TTCombat webstore.

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