New Guild Releases

The Guild are coming out of the shadows today…

Because it’s a Carnevale release day! We’re celebrating all things Guild today, although with a bit of a venture into the sunken district of San Canciano too.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Ostrich Racing?!

Our first release this week is the highly anticipated box of Pulcinellas riding ostriches. Carnevale is a weird game, okay?

This box has four riders, including the Ostrich King to lead them, a Very Loud Ostrich as a Hero, and two Ostrich Riders as Henchmen. That makes this a complete gang in itself!

If you like mad brawlers that can’t wait to get stuck into combat, then this is the set for you. You may suffer a little bit because ostriches are famously not great at climbing, but when you regain Will Points every time your guy hits someone with his trumpet, who cares? Grab your pyjamas and get fighting.

The Ostrich Racing set is in store now for £25.

The Guild Booster Blisters

If you’re looking to expand your gang in very particular ways, but don’t want to get an entire new box, then we’ve got the sets for you.

Throughout this year we’ll be releasing more of these booster blisters, offering alternate sculpts and great ways to double up on popular character types.

We’ve got two blisters here, one of Barbers and one of Butchers. Both sets feature one character from the Guild Starter Gang and one brand new character unique to this set.

The Barbers are fast Heroes, able to scurry around and use their straight blade razors to find gaps in your opponents’ armour. Meanwhile the Butchers are a heavier choice, preferring brute force over finesse – get them stuck into multiple foes at once for best results!

These blisters are available now, for £12 each.

The Capodecina is available separately as well! A fantastic Leader for your Guild gang, and just a cool looking character.

The Capo is fast and hits hard, although don’t let him get caught in combat! He’s also a great Leader, bringing loads of Command Points to the game, and buffing your other characters to be the best they can be.

The Capodecina is available for £8.

Our final booster blister today are the working people of Venice: the Citizens.

These regular folk have been husled out into the streets to fight for the Guild. They’re pretty basic, but thanks to the Union special rule, the more you have, the harder they fight.

A robust and useful Henchman choice all round, the Citizens are available three per blister for £15.

Sunken San Canciano

With resin releases here, you want something to fight over, right?

Well that’s where this week’s MDF releases come in! Keeping with the Carnevale theme, we’re bringing out some more kits that have been hotly anticipated.

The Small Sunken Buildings and Large Sunken Buildings have hit the webstore today. Well, at least most of them have, since they’re all partially submerged.

Using a precision chainsaw, we assemble the full kits, then chop them in half and jaunty angles, then disassemble them again and sell them to you!

Okay, that’s not quite true. The truth is that these kits have been made specially, tilted over at very precise angles to make sure there are plenty of flat surfaces for your models to stand on. Pop them straight onto your canal water and you’ll have a full sunken board!

The Sunken Tower is also here and makes a great centrepiece. With intricately crafted collapsing pieces, it’s a real treat to paint.

Although a little trickier to assemble, it’s no less playable. There are loads of flat spaces here, which make climbing up and jumping off easy and super fun!

All sunken kits are available now. The Small Sunken Buildings are £8, the Large Sunken Buildings are £10, and the Sunken Tower is £13.

But that’s not all!

More Streets of Venice!

Our Modular Venetian range is expanding a little today too (we couldn’t resist releasing at least one more modular set).

Modular Villetta Ponte Wanda is a two-part kit. You get two of these buildings here, although they are greater than the sum of their parts.

On their own, this is a neat little building that works well as a little house with a covered gondola dock. However, put one on each side of the canal and you’ve got a complete raised bridge! With handy stairs, you’ll find that even your slower characters will be able to run up a level without issue.

And one more! The Ruined Bridges set is here as well. Although not sunken, this set is still excellent for a San Canciano board, or even the Ghetto after a big fire.

This set contains three bridges in various states of decay. One is almost whole, while the other two come in two pieces each. That makes crossing the canal a little more difficult! These are excellent when you have slightly wider or narrower canals, as you can make the bridges fit since they come in two pieces! There are even some wooden boards included that you can use to span the gap.

Modular Villetta Ponte Wanda is available now for £10, and the Ruined Bridges set comes in at £8.

There we have it! New releases for all your Carnevale, Venetian, or even fantasy needs.

What do you think? Need some more armour penetration with some Barbers? Fancy honking down the street in a wild chase on ostrich-back? Or just want to make a post-collapse Venetian board? All of these kits are available in the webstore right now! Head over there to check them all out, with plenty more pictures too.

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