Halfling Fantasy Heroes

Hey it’s Thursday! Time to see what adventure we’ll go onto today. You’re gonna love it.

This week we have 2 groups of halflings adventurers for you to gleam your eye’s upon!

Classic Halfling Adventurers 

It can be hard finding a Halfling model to play in your RPG game. “Why should we be left behind”  In this classic set we have, a fighter (middle top), a cleric (middle left), a druid (middle right), a wizard (lower left) and a rogue (lower right).

These adventurers are perfect for any of your RPG games, a classic party set up to throw fireballs, sneaky stabs, and get up to all sorts of mischief.

The pack contains 5 unique adventurers. Available now £15.

Traditional Halfling Adventurers

“Is that a squirrel… Cute!” This is our more traditional pack with a sorcerer (top left, a bard (top right), a paladin (centre), a barbarian (lower left), a ranger (lower right).

Think about the raging Halfling barbarian stomping their way through dungeons or smashing down door, cause doors are always an issue. The possibilities are endless.

This set also has 5 unique sculpts and is available now for £15.

Have you got a new RPG game that you’ve been working on during quarantine or like to have them in your collection for characters in your fantasy world. Then go check our TTCombat webstore, so head over there to check out the full range.


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