Dropzone Rules Update

We’re back with rules!

Phew! Last week was a massive week for Dropzone. Aside from around 60 restocks (and plenty of new alternate weapons and builds) going live on the webstore, we also had an update to the digital rulebook, and a massive balance pass go live.

With such a lot to do, there were some errors (classic Traffic James) and what’s more, the army builder went a bit nuts pushing all the changes at once. Lesson learned there!

So we’ve gone through to update things and we’re fairly sure that the army builder is now running okay. We’re still expecting some downtime in the coming weeks while we migrate all the servers for all the sites, but we’ll let you know ahead of time when that’s coming (it’ll likely be a Monday morning when most won’t notice).

In the meantime, feel free to head over to www.dropzonecommander.com and check out the updated stats.

We’ve also updated the stat cards on both the Dropzone site and the TTCombat Resources section. Any units that had errors on now have a 1.1 in the bottom corner to let you know they’ve been changed. You may even find some pre-playtest versions that went out this morning by mistake. Oops! One of which was this beast we saw in the advent calendar:

You’ll notice some changes still happening on the army builder as well. We’ll be carrying on updating photos as we go, as well as getting some juicy background lore from Dave. And of course a whole load of other visual and practical changes. Keep an eye on things; we’re not done yet, we’ll be tweaking and improving things for a while. One thing we’re currently working on is a better system for replacing or upgrading weapons. You’ll notice a few that have multiple upgrades listed separately where they should be one choice (there’s a category on our to-do list which is specifically how annoying PHR weapons options are!) – that’s top of the list, so we should see some changes soon.


Although we’ve done our best to catch any errors, there are likely still a few floating around. With around 150 units updated, it’s inevitable. If you see any inconsistencies between the cards and the builder, let us know! You can submit feedback directly onto the army builder, or pop us an email at info@ttcombat.com and we’ll send it to the right people to get looked at.

And of course, if you have feedback on rules or unit stats, we’re keen to know about those too! All your feedback is what we pay attention to when doing balance passes. We do heavily favour games played, although we know that isn’t possible or very practical right now. We’ll be looking at another balance pass later in the year, and plenty of new releases between as well. The benefit of a living rule system and digital stats means we can keep tweaking So when it’s safe, get some games in and let us know how it goes!

Thanks for your patience over this massive update! Check out the rules, and if something tickles your fancy, don’t forget that loads of Dropzone is now on the webstore for pre-order!

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