Teaser Squarking Tuesday!

We’re bounding into Venice on the back of a honking beast today!

That’s right, we’re heading back into the winding streets and foetid canals of Venice this week, with our first Carnevale release of the year!

This week is all about the Guild, and specifically some Pulcinellas as the infamous Ostrich Riders are finally hitting the shelves.

This new boxed set contains four Ostrich Riders of various types, all ready to honk their way into your hearts.

In the bottom right you have the King Ostrich(?!) who is a Leader class for your Guild band of merry weirdos. If you really like the King For a Day but want someone a little bit faster, this is the Leader for you!

In the last balance pass, the Ostrich Riders got moved to be Henchmen, and this set contains two of them! They’re fast and they hit hard (and have a surprisingly large amount of Life Points for a Pulcinella), which is what the Cult of the End of Days is all about.

Finally in the top left you can see the Very Loud Ostrich. While the Pulcinellas often strap bells and chimes to their ostriches, this Pulcinella is taking it one further. Armed with a really annoying trumpet, what he lacks in hitting power he more than makes up for in team spirit!

One thing with noting on this new box is that all of the ostriches’ legs have been thickened up, with additional details added. One thing we learned after the Carnevale Kickstarter was that the big tops are heavier made from resin than made from feathers. So we took the opportunity to feed up our ostriches to make sure you won’t get bends and breaks quite as easily.

This week we’re also releasing some Streets of Venice scenery for your Carnevale games.

You may have seen these sunken buildings at the end of last year in our infamous White Box Bundles. We’ve been hanging onto them and they’re finally hitting the shelves on Friday for everyone else to get their mitts on.

There are three sets of sunken buildings coming this Friday, one of which is the massive Sunken tower. This one looks pretty intimidating (and takes some careful assembly) but is designed with maximum playability in mind. Most of the fallen down surfaces have fallen at the perfect angle for placing models on, which is handy! There’s nothing quite like diving off the top of the tower sword first into a Raadru stalking the canal below.

There are also a couple of other MDF (and resin) kits coming out on Friday as well, but we’re not spoiling them yet. You’ll have to pop back then for all the new release information!

In the meantime, all of the Carnevale range is in stock now on the TTCombat webstore, so head over there and check out the weird game which has sea monsters, Vatican knights in platemail and – for some bizarre reason – a bunch of people wearing their pyjamas and riding round on ostriches!

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