New Halfling Thieves & Braves

We’re heading out to Craggy Bottom to see the latest new Fantasy Heroes!

The Fantasy Heroes range is about to get a little bigger. Not much taller, but a little bigger.

This week we’re releasing the first of a new wave of releases, happening every Thursday. And of course we’re starting with Halflings!

Halfling Braves

First up, the Braves!

Hailing from Craggy Bottom and heading out into the wild woods of Little Skjarr as sort of the Halfling army equivalent of exchange students. Or – you know – whatever your own fantasy world decides they are!

Whatever world you’re in, these Halflings are hardcore berserkers, taking to battle in their ceremonial kilts and armed with some very sharp weapons!

The pack has 10 of these Braves, with 5 unique sculpts. They’re available now for £12.

Halfling Thieves

Sneaky little fellas!

If out and out fighting isn’t quite your style, then how about sneaking and stabbing? These thieves are the ones for you!

The sneakiest and stealiest (that’s a word) of all Halflings, the Thieves are excellent at sneaking around and putting knives in your opponents’ backs – making them excellent for flanking your foes.

This set also contains 10 Halfling Thieves, with 5 unique sculpts. Also available now for £12.


So what are you into? Berserkers or sneakers? Or how about a little of both? All these new Halflings – and so, so many more – are available now on the TTCombat webstore, so head over there to check out the full range.

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