New Shaltari paint job WIP

Pssssshhh Psh Pshh Psh! The hills are alive with the sound of spray cans. Welcome to another WIP Wednesday my fellow space humans… and non humans.

Yes it’s that time of the week again where we get to show you something new were working on. This weeks feature is Dropzone Commander.

Dropzone Commander was recently put back into stock on the webstore, but you may notice some models are still missing. Well we’re still working hard on remaking and remastering all the old moulds, and our Dropzone restocks will be starting up again in the next few weeks! As usual, we take the opportunity of restocks to update paint schemes (where possible!) and add some brand new alternate units to the armies too.

This week we’re taking a look on Fin’s painting desk to see some new goodies. Specifically, Shaltari and their sweet new colour scheme.

Just a little bright undercoat to get started. Notice that sultry fade from a bright sunflower yellow to a darker but still vibrant orange. You may notice some new bits here too! That weird tank turret thing we previously teased in the advent calendar.

After that it’s washes to get all the recesses filled in.

Personally, I love the touch of green! Its such a striking contrast and adds a whole bunch of energy. So many dots to paint – sorry Fin (and also Don who painted most of the older Shaltari in the new scheme)!

Some final touches and the first few are completed. Bio-Atomisers have to be bright green. What do you think? The best thing about it is, if you don’t like our new colour scheme you should send us some images of your own colour scheme. Who knows, we may even feature it on one of our Monday Motivation posts.

Looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts on our new paint job. If you are going to be creating your own, be sure to visit our webstore.

Stay safe out there you space legends.

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