Teaser Tuesday: Monitors and Cathedrals

Oh my!

Welcome friends, to another Teaser Tuesday! This Tuesday is a special day, as it marks our first new resin releases of the year!

As you may have heard, we took our resin products off sale at the start of the year. A mixture of order backlog, changing warehouse layout, and a spike in COVID cases had us hold things back for a little while. The good news is that the backlog is clear, the warehouse production has been updated, and COVID has been completely eradicated!

Okay, we’re getting there on that last one, so keep wearing your masks for now.

But all that means we can start with some new resin releases. This year we’re doing resin models and MDF kits all at the same time, each week. Buckle in, it’s about to get crazy.

We’re starting off this week with Dropfleet Commander.

Resistance Monitors

That’s right, the Resistance are continuing their… resistance and catching up with the other factions, filling in holes in their battleline.

And now we’re filling in one of the last ones: Resistance Monitors!

What you see there is the Resistance Newton Kill-Sat.

The Resistance are a little different in that they’re mostly made up of old ship designs, and their Monitors are no different! The Newton Kill-Sat is an old relic, from a time before the Scourge invasion. This design is the epitome of military excesses in peacetime: a light, slow satellite armed with one of the biggest and least subtle weapons in Earth’s arsenal: the XN-40 “Godray” Orbital Mass Driver.

As with other Monitors, expect the Newton to be very slow, but with a big gun that tilts up, down, backwards and forwards, who needs to move fast?

But what if you’re a scientist, not a fighter? We got you covered.

The Newton can also be built as it’s alt: the Galileo Orbital Telescope!

The Galileo really shows that the Resistance will use whatever they can: these are mostly refugees that escape the Scourge invasion. Who cares whether your ship has a gun or a telescope when a sea of jellyfish is coming for you? You run away!

The Galileo is actually an incredibly useful part of a Resistance fleet. These long-range telescopes are able to pick up movement from a massive distance, warning the fleet of impending enemy attacks, and helping the otherwise quite dated scanning equipment to lock onto their targets more effectively.

We’ll be looking more at both Monitors later this week.

Sci-Fi Gothic Convent

And now for something completely different.

This week in the world of MDF we’re expanding our Sci-Fi Gothic range into a new area. Ben has been working hard designing some more residential looking scenery for the far future, and there’s lots on the way!

Above you can see the Convent Pulpit, which is great for giving sermons to the masses. The top pagoda and the front platform are removable too, so you’ll be able to get in there to play.

The big news with these new Convent sets is that they’re all super modular! The Ruined Ambulatory above shows some of what you can do with the sets. Each is divided up into straights and ends, with the straights fitting into the ends. Using that simple method, you’ll be able to make massive structures that line your board, creating a full city block.

And because they simply slot up next to each other, you can take them apart again for storage, and make a new layout in your next game.

We’ve got loads of these sets coming, and these two are just the beginning. There’s even more coming your way on Friday.


So whether you’re after space telescope, kill-sats, or a fully modular Sci-Fi Gothic board, make sure to come back on Friday to see all the new releases that are coming to the TTCombat webstore in the first of many big Fridays!

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