Cyber 2.0 New Releases

Its Friday, Cyber 2.0 has landed with a whole bunch of new Cyber goodies. These releases are coming in fast, feels like I only wrote last weeks post a day ago!

Nonetheless, when we said last week we were expanding the cyber range, we meant it! Barricades, Interdimensional portals, dice towers and more, we have got you covered!

Dropfleet is Back in Stock!

Firstly, As you’re all aware, we had to temporarily pause production as we dealt with Covid restrictions. Since then we have been restocking our games in intervals and its finally the turn of Dropfleet! Get yourselves over to the webstore for these long awaited miniatures.

Do not fret, Dropzone will return very soon. There has been ALOT of detailed moulds to remake. The wait will be worth it.


The rumour is true, exclusives are back in stock for this weekend only! This would be the weekend for Adepticon, and whilst for obvious reasons we sadly cant go to events at the moment, we can commiserate together with exclusives. Furthermore its 2021, that means 2021 exclusives are available as well as the previous years! Traffic James anyone?

Some of these are very limited in number, so be sure to act fast as they will not hang around for long.

Now on to the topic at hand:

Cyber Sector

First up is the Cyber Sector, teased on Tuesday. This 12 sheet kit should be your first buy if you’re building a board for space Egyptian robot skeletons! It has all the best kind of corner ruin cover, barricades, line of sight blocking monoliths, and walkways that you could need!

The layout is adjustable to fit your table and to give you variation in game play. Platforms can align together or be split apart, depending on how compact or spread out you would like to make it. It could become a central piece to your table or spread around into smaller parts. Each section has its own access making it a highly functional piece of terrain.

If you’re looking to start your terrain collection with a suitably alien killer automaton vibe, this is THE set for you.

Make it your own for £28!

Cyber Relay Hub

You have seen the ruined version last week, now here is the complete version!
With the extra barricades, the Relay Hub can become a central staging ground for your army. With multiple levels and viewpoints, you can be well protected whilst also seeing the battlefield.

Alternatively, the Relay Hub also separates at the centre with a removable top, giving you two different structures. One is a large, raised, open platform that could become an alternative landing pad perhaps? The second, a secure ground level with a barricaded roof area to view the ongoings below.

The Cyber Relay Hub is available now for £22!

Cyber Barricades

With all this new Cyber terrain to protect, you need to keep your army protected too! A collections of straight and corner barricades allow you to secure around any point you may need. Alternatively, a maze to funnel the enemy into a trap.

No matter what, these barricades achieve what they set out to do and keep you safe! With an added layer of height totalling 52mm, even the those like ‘Towering’ Terry will be able to keep their noggins protected.

They say you cant put a price on safety, but we did and its £8!

Interdimensional Portal

Space travel is expensive, so why not use the Interdimensional Portal! At 184 X 184 X 92 mm, its perfect as a centre piece for objective based gameplay.  With single and double tier barricades, there is good cover for you to hunker down in defence. We’re just looking out for Terry, poor guy is just an easy target.

The base split into 4 sections, plus the portal and barricades, so it can be turned into multiple, smaller cover options. It also makes for an easy terrain piece to store!

Not sure how Elon will feel about it, but we’ve got interdimensional travel for £10!

Pyramid of Destiny

The Pyramid of Destiny, named so because it will control the outcome of your dice. This is not just a bit of centre piece terrain, no, this is a fully functioning dice tower. Will it be kind or ruin your day? Only the Pyramid of Destiny knows.

The top teir is removable so even those larger dice will be able to take a tumble through the Pyramid of Destiny. Even if dice towers aren’t your thing, it’ll make for a great environment piece on your table!

Have it control your destiny for only £12!

That was Cyber 2.0, all of which are available in our TTCombat webstore right now! Head on over for more photos and details on this new terrain and don’t forget about those exclusives! They really don’t hang around.

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