Launch Asset WIP Party

Cause there ain’t no party like a Dropfleet launch asset party!

Greetings fellow space fighting humans (and Scourge hosts). It is I, the bringer of Work In Progress news. As many of you know, we have halted the sale of many of our resin models temporarily. We have started re-introducing our product lines slowly but surely to make sure we can keep up with the demand.

Dropfleet commander will soon be added back in to stock and will be available for purchase once more. So we thought we would give you a taste of some new items to come as well. Dropfleet faction specific Launch Assets!

These are alternate Launch Assets that have been designed for each faction to provide a much more immersive experience when playing Dropfleet. We’ve got fighters, we’ve got bombers, we’ve got torpedoes! No matter your faction, we have some tasty launch assets to make your table top gaming experience even better.

These are 3D prints, with the supports still on, still attached to their rafts from the printer.

We’ve actually shown some of these off a little while ago, but they’ve been reprinted – for good reason.

We need your assistance. We are trying some different sizes to make sure we get Launch assets to your liking. These ones have been 3D printed sized x1, x1.5 and x2. Which size do you think works best? Remember, with greater size comes greater detail. Or maybe somewhere between? We can make them as big or as small as we like!

The time is coming my fellow space soldiers. A time where no longer do we need to imagine the smaller fighters whizzing around in space but rather see them in all their tiny glory. In this post you can see a Scourge Bomber and a Resistance Fighter.

While we’d like to keep the 5/3/1 per base of Fighters/Bombers/Torpedoes, we’re open to changing that too – the bigger the scale, the less you’ll fit on a base!

Now, this might seem sacreligious to scale different models differently in the game, but there is precedent! Not only are the Sector Tokens scaled up, but the current Launch Assets are about twice the scale of the other ships already! Dave sculpts such beautiful detail, it seems a shame to waste it, especially when we could even go 4 times the size of his sculpts and have things sufficiently crazily detailed!

We know this is a big question but once you have made your decision, feel free to comment below or have a chat on the Facebook fan page on the size you think would fit the game and other models best.

Happy space fighting humans.

13 Replies to “Launch Asset WIP Party”

  1. Love it!! Got to be scale 1, the smallest, any bigger and I think it would look wrong.
    Cant wait to get some to add to my Resistance fleet. 🖒🖒

    Marks Miniature Madness

  2. The largest ones feel too close to ‘real’ ships at that size to me. Sacrificing some detail to retain their size difference and help keep multiple on a base so each launch still looks like a wing of fighters/bombers seems best!

  3. Will there be an option to print or buy prints of fighters and bombers in roughly 1/270 scale to use for a space fighting game? Any chance for a modified Flightwing Commander in Space?

  4. i think the 1.5x size is the good compromise (good details and small enough to be an asset).
    Please yes, resize the exiting assets !

  5. Smallest Resistance fighter is good enough. Smallest Scourge fighter is too big. Make it the smallest possible!

    I don’t care about additional details as long as a fighter looks mine faction-y enough. Making them small makes other ships look more massive in comparison.

  6. I love the idea of having actual faction specific launch asserts. Personally I’d say go for having multiple assets on a base. It helps a lot with visualizing it. Now if can go bigger while maintaining multiple fighters per base, heck yeah go for it!

  7. I would prefer bigger launch assets, as the small ones tend to get more fiddly than their representation is worth. Also, I would assume they are more fun to paint! I believe a scale of roughly 1.7 would look right to me

  8. The models look great so far. I’d vote for the smallest size shown (1.0x)! I like the idea of keeping the scales more diverse in DFC.

  9. 1x looks the best, but 1.5x and fewer models per stand would be fine, but I hate them at 2x. That’s beyond ‘scaled differently’ and just looks incongruous. Also, I can make out the difference in detail between 1 and 1.5, but not 1.5 and 2.

    Just bin 2x entirely.

  10. Please copy the approach used by Firestorm Armada. If not go large so I can base them and add my own small die.

  11. I would go with the middle option myself. The large ones are top large, the smallest one too small… but the medium one seems a perfect compromise!

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