Monday Motivation Utopia or Dystopia, Your choice

Can you name the desert planet this reminds you of? First clue, sounds like tattoo.

Hello hello you glorious humans. Yes, its another motivational Monday for your face to appreciate. This week we have Sci-Fi Utopia motivation.

This gorgeous terrain was painted and assembled by Erythro Ziger.

This battlefield strikes me as a scene from a certain space battle that was been raging since a long time ago. Weathered and rusted from years of battle.

I mean for desert dwellings, this is a desert town I would totally visit when
lock-down ends.

Erythro has made excellent use of the Industrial Ventilation set to add extra details to the Sandstorm terrain – it really adds an extra sci-fi aesthetic (and provides excellent cover too).

Barricades, serving their purpose well. While weathered and battle torn, no cracks in the defensive line.

Just a little desert Utopia progressing with some industrial areas, this is a battleground you surely want to check out. Lots of opportunities for cover and ambush against the harsh desert landscape.

The addition of some Industrial Hive kits really works here – the colour scheme ties them in perfectly to the Sandstorm terrain kits.

Want to create your own Sci-fi utopia? Then please take a look at our webstore to see the whole range.

And as always, if you have a project you are proud of and wish to have shown on  future Monday Motivation, then please send us some pictures to

Have a great week fellow legendary humans.

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