WIP Wednesday Roundup

It’s 2021! We’ve shown so much off in the last month, how about a catch up?

Happy New year everybody and welcome to 2021. I think we can all agree that 2020 was really not a great year but now that it’s over, we can make the best out of our brand new sun rotation.

Our TTCombat advent calendar has finished, but what a few weeks it was! There were loads of previews, so rather than show you all just how fat we got from eating too much over the break, let’s have a recap.

Digital Downloads

Let’s start off with things you can get right now!

We released a bunch of awesome desktop wallpapers with our amazing art. Carnevale, Dropzone and Dropfleet all got their own packs.

There are also TWO new digital rulebooks: Carnevale and Dropfleet Commander. Both available for free right now!

Finally Dropzone got a cute minigame in the form of Flightwing Commander. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s free! Games take about 15 minutes, so give it a quick whirl!

You can find all of these downloads in their relevant section in the Resources area of the TTCombat webstore. Click the menu on the left – they’re down the bottom!

Scenery Kits

The advent calendar was chock-full of some great scenery to bewilder your tabletop and fellow gamers. Streets of Venice, Industrial Hive and a barrage of Wild West scenics all coming to you this year. With Covid 19 still playing  huge role and a lot of our team working from home (I’m currently in my PJs cuddling a cat), we have been focusing on creating some fresh scenery designs to keep you going throughout the year.

Of course, with new scenery must come some new brushes to give said scenery your own bit of flair and character. After all, we create the building blocks but it’s up to you to make it your own.

These new brushes will be out this year. The ones photographed are our first batch of testers, but they already look great!


Now for some concepts. Still being worked on but showing some glorious promise, our in house artist Rei has got these beauties to show off. One of our new Rumbleslam Teams and more new additions to Carnevale.

New Miniatures

Finally what you have all been waiting for.

RUMBLESLAM had a bumper advent calendar, with not just a new booster box teased for the Twisted Shadows, but the actual miniatures from the forthcoming Tables, Ladders, Chests expansion!

Dropzone got even more previews though! There were new alternate units and even some weird brand new things like that PHR walker above. Of course the star of the show was this 3D print of the Scourge Behemoth. They’ve been a long time coming, and this one is still early stages, but wow!

For Carnevale we teased some new alternate sculpt miniatures, which will be coming later this year in handy blister packs to help expand your gang. This pop band album cover has four new Apprentice Doctors, and they’re all great!

And for Dropfleet we saw not only Mega Station 1 (which is a new military style space station expansion kit, fully compatible with the current space station kit), but also new Battlecruisers for every faction! Guess away as to what they do, because I don’t know!


That’s all for now! We’ve unleashed a whole load of the hidden goodies in the TTCombat vault. Some of them will be coming sooner in the year, some later. Needless to say we’ll have all the info you need right here on TTCommunity.

We’ll be taking a few weeks off from new releases at the start of this year (same as always), which coincides nicely with another UK lockdown. However, don’t forget that the epic White Box Bundles are still available, although will be going off sale shortly (maybe the end of the month, not sure yet considering the pandemic situation!). Get over to the TTCombat webstore  to pick yours up and start a new hobby project for the new year!

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