Escape From San Canciano – The Miniatures

There’s a new intro box on the horizon, let’s look inside!

With Escape From San Canciano quickly making its way through the canal to arrive on Friday, it’s time now to have a closer look at the miniatures inside the box.

This new 2-Player Intro Box has 2 gangs for players to fight each other.

The Guild

The Guild are a ruthless organisation, lead by a the mysterious King of Thieves. Originally ship builders and dockworkers, as Venice grew destitute their ideals changed. Led by thieves and murderers, the Guild has their fingers in every pie across Venice. Any business that sets up shop will receive a knock on the door from the Guild demanding their tithe. In return the citizens receive protection, but will also be called out to assist in secretive matters.

In Escape From San Canciano, a small gang have been tasked with an expedition into the sunken district. They’re on a scouting mission to learn more about the mysterious Church of Dagon, whose followers live in the ruined area of Venice.

Led by a Fisherman (or fisherwoman in this case), this little band is rowed into San Canciano by a Gondolier (top left and bottom left respectively). They’re also joined by an Arbalest with his crossbow, and a Pilferer who is excellent at stealing things and getting out of there!

We thought you’d enjoy a better look at these models, so here’s a spinner where you can see everything!


The Rashaar are the true name of the inhabitants of San Canciano. Fronted by the Church of Dagon, this group are actually seen as a benevolent force in Venice. They spend their time feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, and homing the homeless. Of course, that home is in the dank depths of San Canciano, but at least it’s something!

However, anyone helped is encouraged to visit one of the many sermon houses that the Church of Dagon fronts, and once you’re in, you don’t leave. The Church indoctrinates its followers into a cult to worship Dagon and the strange monsters that have been arriving with regularity since the Rent in the Sky opened.

The box has four characters from the Rashaar, including a new strange monster! These four are the party that meets the Guild, and are responsible for making sure no one gets out to talk.

Led by a Cult Enforcer (front left), this gang is definitely not short on muscle. There’s also an Officiant of Dagon behind him to lend a hand. The Hybrid (back right) isn’t much of a fighter but is equally adept on ground and in the water. Finally the Lesser Rhyll (pronounced r-eye-ll) is an otherwordly creature who feeds on the souls of its victims. Although not as tough as some of its cousins, the Lesser Rhyll adds some powerful abilities to the gang.

And of course we wanted to show a full 360 of these ones as well!

All of these new models are unique to the Escape From San Canciano box, and it’s the only place to get the Lesser Rhyll for now! They’re also all single-piece, which means you’ll need limited clean up before getting them on the board. We fully expect you to be able to be knee-deep in the water of Venice, half way through your first game within an hour of opening the box!

If you’d like to know more about the gameplay of Carnevale, we took a trip to Ontabletop a little while back to play some games. Have a look at their videos where we explain the basics and play a few games (even a 3-player brawl)!

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