Teaser Tuesday – Escape From San Canciano

Our brand new box is almost here!

This week is a very exciting week for Carnevale fans, and even moreso for those that are thinking about getting into the game.

For you see, this Friday sees the launch of our brand new 2-Player Intro Box: Escape From San Canciano!

This new box is a companion to the already massively popular 2-Player Starter Box, offering a lower entry point for those that are interested in the game, but just want to dip their feet into the canal waters.

So what’s inside?

This new box is an entryway into the world of Carnevale. Think of it as a “light” version of the starter set.

This box has everything you could possibly need to get started in the game: models, scenery, rules, dice… you name it!

The box contains two gangs: the Guild and the Rashaar. One is a shadowy organisation that secretly pulls the strings of the citizens of Venice, and the other is a collection of people worshipping eldritch fish monsters.

There are 4 unique characters in each gang, all with brand new single-piece models. In fact, there’s very little cross-over to any other single box (even the bigger 2-Player set) which means existing players and new players alike will find a lot to enjoy here. There’s even a brand new character in the shape of the Lesser Rhyll – a new, tentacle faced Rashaar gribbly!

In addition to these new fantastic miniatures, there’s a new cut-down Carnevale rulebook. The rules are all the same as the big rulebook, but sitting at 48 pages, this small format book is a lot easier to carry around to your gaming club. It contains some light background reading, introducing the world of Carnevale, city of Venice, and each of the seven factions. Then we get stuck right into the rules. All the basics are included, from explaining the game, to actions like jumping and drowning. Then we have gang building, agendas, equipment, special rules, and even the five Winds of Fate scenarios.

That isn’t enough?

Well the box has all the scenery you’ll need to play as well! There’s a 2’x2′ fold out paper mat (which is double sided for extra variety), 3 brand new designs of folded cardboard buildings, and – very excitingly – a bunch of card obstacles as well! Barrels, crates, floating nets, an old fountain, a bridge and of course a gondola. These important elements provide spots for linking chained jumps and helping your character scale buildings or leap over canals.

There’s also tokens, a cardboard range ruler, 12 dice, and some quick reference cards, including full stats for the gangs, two scenarios to help you learn the basics, and a double-sided quick reference sheet with all the most important rules and actions for ease of play.


What else could you need to know? Oh, the price! This set is retailing at £35. That’s right – two gangs, a rulebook, and full game board for only £35.

For those that don’t collect Guild or Rashaar and don’t want more great cardboard terrain (weirdos), we’ll also be selling the rulebook separately too. Just for you!

We’ll be back all this week to have a closer look at everything you get in this set, and all the info you’ll need for release on Friday. In the meantime, if you’ve been dancing around getting into Carnevale for a little while and this will tip you over the edge, check out the rest of the range. We’ve even got Exclusives up for sale at the moment (in fact it’s your last chance to get the Plague Doctress before she heads back to San Servolo at the end of the week).

It’s also Black Friday week all week, and we’re doing giveaway miniatures and some amazing White Box Bundles on our MDF kits (yes there’s one specifically for Carnevale). Check them out before they’re gone!

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