New Colony Releases

The Destroyers are here! And also some cheeky Halflings too!

We’ve got a trio of new releases for you today! CLASSIC FRIDAY am I right?

Resistance Armstrong Destroyers

For Dropfleet Commander fans, the newest ship has arrived, in the form of the Armstrong Destroyer. It can also make an Aldrin and a Collins too by the way!

The Armstrong is a great new fighter, able to blast ships apart with its Mauler laser! Often used for the laborious task of popping asteroids, it makes an excellent double role for popping enemies!

The Aldrin is an old EAA colony ship. These things were built to last, and what it lacks in weapons, it makes up for in Bulk Lander storage. It’s also Atmospheric, offering it some decent protection! Of course all this comes at a price – don’t expect to have much change after shelling out your points for this old Earth relic.

The Collins is something a little different. Not offensive in any way (save a token Close Action weapon), it refuels and repairs friendly Fighters, allowing you to keep them on after using their Point Defence bonus – a very useful ability for Resistance who often struggle with PD!

You’ll find the rules for these on the Dropfleet Beta Fleet Builder, and there’s also a PDF download in the Resources section of the webstore.

This blister contains parts to make 3 Destroyers, in any combination you wish! It even comes with 3 of each bridge, so you can have a scrappy or unified look, depending on your style.

The Armstrong Destroyers are available to pre-order now, for £25.


Changing tack wildly now, we also have two new Halfling kits coming to the store today.

The Halfling Sheriffs have arrived in Craggy Bottom to keep the peace. They get paid in food, and their rather rotund forms should tell you all you need to know about how effective they are!

The Sheriffs come in a pack of 10 for £12, adding some clout to your Halfling armies.

The second set is Halfling Urchins. These little kids are even smaller than Halflings! They don’t come out fully grown, you know.

Obviously fed up with the adults waging war without them, the Urchins have ganged up together to use slingshots against their (usually much taller) foes.

You get 4 bases of Halfling Urchins for £15, with 3 per base (although one of the sculpts has two kids – one on the other’s shoulders!). There are even 6 different sculpts, so you’ll have plenty of variation.

So what are you excited about? Colony ships turning round to fight the enemy, or Halflings chasing their next meal?

All these new kits are available right now in the TTCombat webstore, so head over there now and check them out!

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