Resistance Destroyers – What Do?

The Resistance colony ships are coming in tomorrow!

Open the doors, duct tape the landing ramp and get ready, because three new Resistance ships are arriving for pre-order tomorrow in the webstore.

But what exactly do they do? And why should you care? Well, read on to find out!

Aldrin Colony Ship

First of all, the “bare bones” version, as it were.

The Aldrin is our idea of what an old EAA colony ship would look like. Those that got sent out into the depths of space to find new habitable worlds to colonise.

Of course, with that in mind, it had to be tough and chunky.

With a nasty 6 Hull the Aldrin is right up there with the PHR Destroyers for hardiness. And a massive 2+ save makes it very tough! Of course, it has Ablative Armour so that 2+ can get crippled, but it’s still very tough!

It has a decent Scan, but is one of the slowest Destroyers on the block. And carrying on the Resistance style of poor Point Defence too. All in all, it’s very tough! The Aldrin is also able to enter Atmosphere, which makes it even more survivable. Very nice!

And what’s that? 2 Bulk Landers?! Niiiiice. That also means you’ll be able to free up your Cruisers for more offensive roles. Always handy!

Collins Support Carrier

Onto possibly the weirdest one next.

The Collins is something very different to what we’ve seen before, but a continuation of what started with the Lighters, and actually even the Gladiator. The Resistance have such varied Cruisers and Frigates that we wanted their more “stock” ships to have very specific roles.

So here’s a ship that fills a 100% support role. And it does so like this:

By boosting nearby fighters! Keeping fighters after using their Point Defence is something we’ve seen a tiny bit of before (UCM Command Cards I’m looking at you), but here’s a ship that does it all the time!

Armstrong Destroyer

And finally, the one with the big gun!

The Armstrong was originally manufactured for clearing orbital debris and asteroids for the other ships to safely get to their drop sites. Of course, clearing debris is a very time-consuming thing, so in the heat of battle, it’s best to direct those lasers towards enemy ships instead!

The Resistance are getting a burnthrough laser! Not only that, but it’s a Mauler type as well.

For those that don’t play Shaltari, a Mauler type weapon has a Lock value equal to the target’s armour value. So those with better armour will be more easily hurt than those with light armour! Otherwise a Mauler weapon works as a standard Burnthrough weapon, so can do up to 6 Damage in one attack. Although Maulers are always Close Action weapons too, so you’re going to have to get close.

Still, the Armstrong punches pretty well above its weight, and is definitely going to be a bit of a thorn in the side of your opponents!

So there we have it, a little info on our new Destroyers! The Resistance sure are in for a treat, bringing some nasty tricks with them. Although you’ll have to plan your fleet a little around these ships, we think it’s well worth including some to mess with your opponents. 2 Bulk Landers from Atmo! :O

These little beauties will be going live tomorrow (usual time is around 3pm for those sitting there hitting refresh), so make sure to pop over to the TTCombat webstore to get yours then!

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