TTAgents Update & Drop Universe Competitions

Hi Everyone. I thought I’d give an update on TTAgent activity with this year being rather, different to we expected.

It’s certainly been a different year, not much change for games, shops being told to close, open, then close again in some countries. Very little opportunity to meet up to play games, no events for most of the year. Certainly not the year we had planned.

With that in mind, the TTAgents have had a hard year getting started, we currently have just over 70 TTAgents worldwide, and we’re still getting them started up with starter kits and getting them used to running Demos. Because of this we are still holding off on taking any more applications for now.

This doesn’t mean our Agents aren’t busy. Some have been making some fantastic content for all players of our games. Starter guides, tactics, painting tutorials, they are busy creating some awesome content for you all to use in your games.

It is very important to thank the effort of one TTAgent for this though, since it was his idea and he has pretty much managed the entire project, Michel Goulmy. Many of you may know Michel, he’s an admin for the Community Drop Universe pages on Facebook, and is a very active supporter of TTCombat. He’s even done shows with us in Europe.

This is part of the TTAgent project, to make use of the amazing community to create resources for all players to use. This is something that will be explored further in the new year too, so look forward to more TTAgent content here on TTCommunity.

If you are a TTAgent who hasn’t checked the Forums recently, then go check them now and join in with this large undertaking. Carnevale, Rumbleslam, Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander are all having articles made, and all Agents can contribute.

Since I mentioned Michel, and Drop Commander Universe, I should also point you towards a competetion Michel is running on both groups on Facebook, links below. To design your own unit with stats and fluff, could even kitbash the unit yourself, but this isn’t mandatory. More important is the fluff and unit stats. If this sounds fun, head over and make something now, entries close on Friday 20th November. As always there are great prizes to be won, we’ve loved seeing the ideas people have had already here at TTCombat HQ.

Dropzone Commander Facebook Community.

Dropfleet Commander Facebook Community.

If you want to try one of our games, or want to expand your collection, head to our webstore to get started, and soon you’ll have every guide you could want to get the most out of your new army, gang, fleet or team.

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