Teaser Armstrong Tuesday

The Resistance are getting some old old old reinforcements this week!

If you’ve left the colonies, been fighting against the jellies, or otherwise avoiding abandonists and space hedgehogs, it goes without saying that you’re probably a Resistance player!

If you’ve been playing this ragtag crew (or hardcore military regime, depending on your preference) in Dropfleet Commander, you’ve already got access to a lot of toys. From modular Cruisers to the biggest Battleship in the game, there are plenty of things to choose from!

Although the newest Dropfleet faction haven’t yet caught up with the other races, but this week we’ll be taking one more step closer towards rectifying that!

Introducing the new Armstrong Destroyer! Actually, there are three different variants here.

Aldrin Colony Ship

The Aldrin is a robust little ship, dating back around 3 centuries in its design. It’s big and chunky, and designed for jetting out to find new systems. Ships like these would make blind foldspace jumps, hoping to come across a habitable place to colonise. They’re hardy enough to survive years in the void, and come fully equipped with enough space to house a whole colony’s worth of drop craft.

Armstrong Destroyer

The Armstrong Destroyer is an expeditionary vessel, usually the first into a star system, armed with an HF-6 Clearance Laser used for breaking up asteroids and other orbital dangers to help its fellow ships manoeuvre to their designated drop sites.

Of course, a laser like that is more use nowadays blasting ships apart!

Collins Support Carrier

And rounding off the trio is the Collins. A support ship through and through, the Collins is filled to bursting with fuel tanks and repair stations, making it invaluable on long-range missions. It’s able to repair and refuel smaller fighters on the fly, making it extremely useful to admirals trying to make the most out of their meagre stock of old-tech launch craft.

We thought you’d want to see how big this one is, so here you go!

This new set of Destroyers (although technically only one is a full-blown Destroyer) is out this Friday!

Not only does the set come with the options to make 3 of each class, but all those bridges are modular too, so you can make all sorts of different looking ships. You don’t even have to put a bridge on at all, making the classic “straight out of the shipyard” looking colony ship!

We’ll be back later this week to have a closer look at the models and the rules, so make sure to stop by then! In the meantime, feel free to have a look round the ever-growing selection of Resistance ships (or other ships if you like!) already on the TTCombat webstore!

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