Undead Half-Pint Teaser Tuesday

More Undead, More Halflings, More Teaser Tuesday!

Like waking up from a bad dream where every pie has a soggy bottom, our halflings shamble out of their comfy graves to greet the morning with a groan.

But what every halfling needs to get the day going right is a good cup of coffee. Though being the contentious sort none of them can agree on what makes a good cup, or even who makes a good cup.

The Banshee is definitely a fan of Starbucks, and will relentlessly post whatever seasonal drink they have on offer on her instagram. Pumpkin Spice Latte’s? Check. Egg Nog Latte’s? Check. New Years Feast Pie Latte? Check.

In between half draining victims of their blood the Vampire Lord likes to indulge in coffees from Costa. As he’s up all hours of the night the Vampire Lord’s drink of choice is a Decaff Flat White with around 6 sugars. When asked about this his only response is “Ahhh, ahh, ahh, to help me stay awake!”

The Ghoul Lord is a much more particular connoisseur of coffee beverages than his compatriots. As all halflings should, he prefers quantity over quality, especially when it comes to drinks. Trundling down to the local cash and carry every morning, he finds the singular best coffee halfling kind have to offer. A 36 pack of 3-in-1. Counting snack breaks, that’s just enough coffee to last him through the day. All that caffeine means the Ghoul Lord starts bouncing off the walls before elevensies.

If you’ve run out of painting projects and just fancy a lot of something small check out last weeks halfling release on the webstore. If you’re liking the look of the undead halflings keep an eye out for our new releases on Friday.


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