Bunny Slippers – WIP Wednesday

Ok, so theres more than just bunny slippers, but you need to see the bunny slippers, look at them!

Now youve seen the bunny slippers I can explain what is going on. We like to use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to shake things up and make a couple of models that are a little silly (hence the amazing bunny slippers). It’s a time to reflect on the year, and make something completely different from our normal miniatures, usually based on what’s going on in the hobby at the moment.

With COVID disrupting every aspect of life this year, we knew we had to make some kind of lock-down miniatures. We threw around some ideas, talking about how life has changed in 2020. One of the ones that came up a lot is that we’ve all gotten dressed a lot less than usual, and video-chatting with the team with pyjamas beneath the desk is a classic. Throw in a fantasy twist and you have Cyber Meeting Monday!

First there was photoshop, second a stylus and then there was art by our resident artist Rei! This initial sketch is a concept check to see what would work best. There’s your typical cheesy Disney-esque knight in shining armour, but he couldn’t save any damsels due to the ‘rona. Then theres the adorable old knight who doesn’t really understand these techy thingy-ma-jigs but still wants to try to digitally connect with his brothers in arms – and the grand kids!

Stage two is developing on the initial concept. You can see the sword has gone, as honestly other than buttering bread its pretty useless at home. Instead this knight is fighting with the digital age, all business up top but a slumber party down below.

Once finalised with a sketch clean up (with particular emphasis on the cute bunny slippers), the design is complete and sent along to one of our sculptors to bring this guy to life!

There he is, Cyber Monday! Still a WIP in this render, there have been a few things changed for 3D printing. He’ll be ready to grace your shelves with his bunny slippers soon. What about Black Friday though… can we really do one without the other?

Theres just a little tease! In the meantime checkout the store where some half-sized nightmares have found their way into every corner of the warehouse!

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