Super Superstar Stats

3 new Superstars, 3 new cards!

We’ve got 3 brand new Superstars on the way to the ring this Friday, so that means you’ll get 3 new sets of rules to have fun with.

So what exactly do these new Superstars bring to your team? Well we’re here to find out!


First off, we’re starting small with our new Halfling!

Maggie does a bit of everything in the ring! She’s a brawler, she’s a grappler, and she’s a great support character too.

As a Halfling, she’s got all the expected dice right there. As a Superstar she gets a bit of a buff too though! With a total of 9 Silver dice spread over her stats (and 1 Copper too), she also benefits from a +1 on her ATTACK. All this together makes a super balanced wrestler who doesn’t really falter on much. I we were to pick one off-stat it’d be DEFENCE, but for a WEIGHT 1 it’s still pretty good, and she has 6 Stamina too, so won’t get KO’d too quickly.

As with most WEIGHT 1 wrestlers, Maggie has plenty of special abilities! Big Kick allows her to boot anyone from almost anywhere in the ring, thanks to the Rocket special rule. Get someone on the ropes and Throw 1 means you’ve got a decent chance of kicking them straight out of the ring!

Although she only has 4 MP (Halflings have short legs), the 630 Senton has Bounceback 4, so some careful positioning can help Maggie clear the entire ring in one Turnbuckle attack!

Maggie is 300K for your team, and Rooted is the main reason for that price tag. She cannot be Lifted while conscious! This is the first ever wrestler to get this amazing rule, and don’t expect it to be passed around much!

Oh unless you count her Crowd Pleaser, in which Maggie uses her powers to Root any other friendly wrestler too! Very cool.

Belleza Agua

This awesome new model gets some awesome new rules too!

Belleza Agua is a bit of a weird Superstar. She’s very different to anything else in the game! A Superstar who actually isn’t particularly good at fighting.

With worse stats than Maggie (who – let me remind you, is a Halfling), you know she’s not much of a match for heavy hitters. She’ll still be okay at dealing with select Rookies, but that’s about it.

However, Belleza Agua’s draw is in all her special abilities. A Knockdown Grapple attack is okay, but let’s go a bit further down the card.

Maladición is one of her special Active Abilities. It only does 1 Damage (for 2AP), but has a range of 5 and does -1AP and -1MP. It’s basically used for crippling your opponents. Use it on a WEIGHT 3 and it can really hobble their next activation.

Paso de Agua sees Belleza disappear into the puddle beneath her feet, only to reemerge anywhere else in the ring. You won’t be using it to get close to your opponents much, but it’s excellent for getting clear!

Finally, although we’re saying she’s not a very fighty wrestler, Los Ahogados sees her do what she does best: drown fools! Double damage is pretty ruthless on anyone with a Knockdown counter. Remember she has a Knockdown Grapple attack too, so she doesn’t actually have to rely on anyone else to help her either!

El Mecánico

The Mechanic is here to rough you up!

If Belleza Agua seems a little complicated for you, then give El Mecánico a spin instead!

This big demon has no tricks and no complications. He has fantastic stats (GSS for his ATT?!) and a whole bunch of moves to use. Also, he’s a WEIGHT 3 with 4AP, which is extremely useful! THROW 6 is also really good in Moote Carlo, where most of your Rookies suffer from extremely low THROW values.

But look at those special moves! There are so many special rules there, it’s hard to know where to start. And frankly, having played with El Mecánico in quite a few games now, that will be your biggest drawback. With so many good moves, it’s hard to know exactly what to do each round.

Do you go for the Grapple route (and with 3S GRP why wouldn’t you)? The Rubacava Muscle Buster does -1AP and Lifted, and you’ll have a spare AP to throw your target too! A Diving Headbutt takes a couple of rounds to setup, but 3G, 4 Damage, and Devastating puts it at one of the most deadly moves in the game! How about rope attacks? Hop in the Bone Wagon! It’s all of his AP, but Bounceback 4 means you’ll likely be back against the ropes again, safe from repercussions. Plus you get a free Crowd Pleaser!

And it’s quite the Crowd Pleaser too! Manuel mixes up a cocktail for your teammates to enjoy, giving 1 Copper dice bonus to any roll this round. That means attacks, defending, or even pinning rolls! It’s a great offensive ability to get off aan extra Beatdown, but is also very useful if saved for defence, and could mean the difference between a wrestler being evicted or staying in the game.

That’s all the information we’re giving up today! Are you excited? Who is going to be joining your team? I think I definitely need an El Mecánico – decision paralysis aside, who doesn’t love a tiny skeleton in a tuxedo?

If you want to pick these up, you won’t have to wait long – they’re all coming to the TTCombat webstore on Friday, joining the rest of Moote Carlo!

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